Your 2020 Checklist for moving houses in the UAE

Your 2020 Checklist for moving houses in the UAE

Some people are looking to move houses either out of necessity, or they see this as an opportunity to get a good deal during these times. However, even if you did move within the UAE before, you will still wonder if you be able to do so during the restrictions on movement for the national disinfection program.

The answer is YES, you can! The country has put in place rules to ensure the smoothness and safety of the process and with this moving checklist, you will be able to stay organised before and during the moving process.

  • Start preparing early on


Planning out the weeks leading up to the move is just as important as the move itself to facilitate an organized and stress-free process. Do not leave packing everything close to the date itself. Anything that you won’t need in the days leading up to the move can be put away, such as jewellery and documents. Make sure that you label everything packed by what it is and where it goes. This will make both your and the movers’ jobs easier when moving and unpacking. 

  • Get rid of excess

Moving is the best chance to declutter your whole house. Start by creating different piles including things you need to pack with you, throw away, donate, and sell. Keep garbage bags handy for your trash and donate piles. Immediately after your decluttering session, take out the trash. For those items, you wish to sell, take a picture of it right away, and start listing them online as you go. You can list larger items that no longer belong in your future house, like old furniture and electronics too. Tip: Instead of throwing away a lot of food on moving day, remember to start going through all the usable food items in your freezer and pantry 2 weeks prior to moving.

  • Permits, Permits, Permits…

If you’re moving to an apartment, you’ll need a moving permit from the building management. Or for example, if you’re moving to a place like The Springs – you’ll need a move/in-out permit from the community management, which in this instance would be EMAAR. To ensure your landlord is fine with you moving, you might require a NOC from your current one to move out of your apartment or villa in Dubai – this would then be handed to the building or community’s management/ security

Some communities need a written request from the tenant, which includes the date on which you will be moving out or moving in, the vehicle registration number of the moving truck, the moving company’s name, and trade license number.  

  • Communication is key

 Communicate with the landlord and the real estate agent early on the process to know who will be responsible to complete the process of registering the property in the government’s registration system. You can register either through one of the approved typing centres or online through the relevant emirates’ portal. Talk to your building supervisor to find out about the move-out procedure at least a week in advance. Speak with your movers and packers in advance and set a date to give them the move permit so they can proceed with their work processes. Disconnect your current telecommunications such as Etisalat and Du and utility connections such as Dewa, ADWEA, or Sewa. Transfer your accounts on to your new address. For example, disconnecting your DEWA account required around 7 days to be complete as an estimate. Make sure to have time before you move.

  • Get your deposit back 

To get your deposit back, you need to restore the house to the condition it was in when you first moved in. This usually means getting it painted and cleaned. If you do not leave your home in the same condition, your landlord has the right to withhold a portion of the deposit. Otherwise, once you hand in the property’s keys and made sure the property has been restored to its original condition, ask your landlord to give you back the deposit.

Tip: Take pictures of your new home before you move in to simplify this step next time your moving out.

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