Turning your house to a home with accessories

Turning your house to a home with accessories

If you’ve just moved into your brand new home, or want to revamp your existing one, you’ll need some trendy accessories to spice up your interior!

We’ve created a  list of accessories that can help elevate your interior space and make it look charming.

Always remember that the accessories should reflect what you want to see in your home. It’s all about you after all!

Lamps and Candles: Light Up your World

A candle is a perfect addition to any space and is an inexpensive way to do so. Candles (flameless or regular) come in all shades and colors and are easily available. A group of small candles placed together in a small table in the side of a room can do wonders to brighten up the overall area.

It’s always better to use flameless candles rather than actual lit candles from a safety point of view.

The ambiance is always essential in any space. A lamp by the corner brings a level of breathability to any room. It adds a sense of warmth in any space and can be moved around if need be. Try using lighter lampshades instead of darker ones.

You don’t need to be restricted to those boring old lamps – with the ever-expanding number of furniture outlets as well as dubizzle’s massive online platform – you have lamps of every shade color and type. If you want something regal, why not go for an elegant chandelier? Or you can always go for a mini accent lamp that adds a certain sparkle to any unnoticed corner.

Paint and Art Sets

A set of paintings or prints can define any room. Think of getting a large painting in the center of the room, or those wonderful art sets that split a painting into parts. There’s something about a painting that makes an area seem more inviting and can add character to a dull interior.

Get Plenty of Natural Light

Skipping the curtains completely or using lighter shades allows natural light to pass through. If you have floor to ceiling windows, take full advantage and have natural sunlight envelope your house. During summer though, you may need to invest in a light shade cover.


We live in the city with access to some of the best rugs and carpets in the world. The rug is the base for any room – choose one that reflects the overall depth of the room. With that, build your furniture and accessories around it.  Rugs add a certain level of depth to any area – be it traditional hand-woven rugs, or pricey designer rugs from the world’s top designers. You also have flat woven rugs with multi-colored thread elements that beautifully accentuate the piece. 

Pillow Palette

The best way to add a layer of comfort to any space is with pillows. They are a cost-effective way of brightening up any space. Adding pillows of different shades can easily bring out the warmth in any room.

Sets of your favorite items placed together in a particular area add a certain pop to a boring old tabletop. Remember to mix and match accessories. Adding accessories should, at the end of the day, work together.

The great thing about accessories is they can always be replaced, changed or moved around the house. You can always change the pillows, rugs, wall pictures and replace it with a new set that matches with your existing color scheme. It’s not difficult to refurbish your home with accessories once you realize there’s so much you can do with a small space.


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