Turn your preloved items into a well deserved holiday

Turn your preloved items into a well deserved holiday

It’s the traveling season! We are sure you deserve some time off to travel and escape UAE‘s heat. But have you been wanting to travel but couldn’t as you are quite low on funds?

The solution is well hidden in your house! Start rummaging through the stuff that you have kept for so long that you no longer need.
First, check for the price of your dream vacation. For example an average 3 days holiday package can cost you around AED 2,500 to AED 3,000.

With that in mind, you can now have a target of which items to sell to a million online users. Here are a few of the ideas I have seen that you can sell through dubizzle:

That dress that doesn’t fit

There may be tons of pre-loved clothes hidden in your closet which no longer fit you because of hours you have spent in the gym or perhaps in fast-food chains. Long dresses can go for an average of AED 100 each, short dresses from AED 20– 50 and tops at AED 10. Say you find three long dresses, five short dresses and ten tops to sell, these will bring you a good AED 500. Keep in mind that these prices can go up or down according to the quality of these clothes and the brand.

That tablet that’s collecting dust

You come to realize that your laptop is enough and no longer require your two-year-old tablet. This will add AED 400 to your budget.

Check out the available tablets currently on dubizzle here.

That cross-trainer under the pile of clothes

You now prefer Zumba over exercising with the use of home equipment. Your cross trainer has been sitting in your bedroom for so long that it became a clothes hanger. It is time to part ways with which for AED 800. Not bad.

Don’t have any idea how much you should list it for? Check out the exercising equipment section on dubizzle here.

That watch with bad memories

Enough of being sentimental, time to ditch the watch your ex gave you. It can sell for a good AED 600. Time to move on without any reminder of what has been. Now there is some good in goodbye after all.

That guitar that you don’t really play

Maybe playing the guitar is not your strongest suit, but hey, at least you tried. . . Anyhow, you can still learn how to play the piano someday. For now, at least you will have an additional AED 550 cash.

Check out how much people are selling their musical instruments for here!

Time to count the cash. Once you’ve sold all these items, you will have about AED 2,850, enough to fund your trip!

The list can go on and on. You can dispose of more, this time, for your pocket money and other incidentals. Keep going. You will not only let your house breathe a little, you can have enough money for your next dream vacation as well.

Download the dubizzle app, the fastest way to sell your clutter!

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