The most luxurious properties on dubizzle today

The most luxurious properties on dubizzle today

Imagine stumbling upon a magic lamp where the genie would give you the chance to choose between living in a palace, owning a private beach, partying with 200 friends on your rooftop, or fulfilling your childhood dream of living like a mermaid or merman under the sea. It would unquestionably be more than difficult for you to make up your mind.

Take your pick from some of the most grandiose and luxurious properties for sale in Dubai.

A Palatial Masterpiece in Emirates Hills

Listing price: AED 139,000,000

If you were Jasmine or Aladdin, a 6-bedroom, 10 bathrooms,  12-seater home theater palace with panoramic golf-course and skyline views would most certainly be more than enough. And who needs stairs when you have elevators that will take you from floor to floor.

Check out this property on dubizzle Property.


8-Bedroom Penthouse with 360 Panoramic Views on the Palm Jumeirah

Listing price: AED 60,000,000

Distinctly architectured with a few locals bordering on the abstract, this would definitely be a priced item for genuine art enthusiasts. Relish the privacy with two lifts assigned solely for this penthouse.

Exhilarating views of the Palm, the beach and the sea can all be enjoyed from the terrace after dipping in the elegantly built pool situated on the vast roof deck.

Check out this spectacular penthouse on dubizzle Property.

Dorchester Sky Collection Duplex Penthouse

Listing price: AED 93,330,000

Imagine living in a house with a cosmopolitan design and top to bottom glass windows allowing you to view the beautiful Dubai Eye and Dubai Marina Skyline.  

Also, it’s time to be 100% physically fit with your own Infinity Pool.  Not to mention, jogging in your own private beach in The Palm. A contemporary and fitness enthusiast’s dream come true.

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Beachfront Sapphire Villas on the Palm Jumeirah

Listing price: AED 91,750,000

Classy, luxurious and elegant. These are words to describe these villas with picturesque views of Palm Jumeirah having 7 master bedrooms. All villas come with private beach access.

Check out the amazing villa on dubizzle Property.

Your Private Island in The World

Listing price: AED 82,000,000

Bring out your hammock and just lay with a book in one hand and a refreshing beverage in the other.  Forget your worries. This is your very own private beach! And after that,  you can step into your snow room (YES! SNOW ROOM!) or just laze in your jacuzzi or simply be a couch potato in your own home theatre. At the day’s end, party with your friends and friends’ friends. Your rooftop can accommodate 200 people. Party on!

Check out this villa with a breathtaking view on dubizzle Property.

Penthouse in Burj Khalifa

Listing price: AED 76,000,000

Breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline is your day and night should you choose to reside in Burj Khalifa’s penthouse. World class amenities fit for royalty are all yours, yours indeed.

Check out this impressive penthouse on dubizzle Property.

Bentley Signature Edition Floating Villas

Listing price: AED 14,900,000

The World Islands will make your fantasies of living under the sea come true. A seamless fusion of brilliant architecture and artistry, man has once again defied conventions in building villas that float. Delight in the wonders of the sea from your underwater bedroom.

An aquarium in your bathroom, what more can you ask for? But wait, there’s more. Yes, your own butler in this fully furnished villa. World-class indeed.

Check out this unique villa on dubizzle.

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