How to register for Ejari in Dubai

How to register for Ejari in Dubai

Whether you’re a Dubai newbie or moving house from one property to another, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got all your legal t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

In other words, there’s some very important stuff you’ve got to take care of once your heart is set on a place and the landlord has handed you a signed contract.

Enter Ejari!

Hold up, what’s Ejari?

Ejari Dubai Contract

Basically, Ejari is Arabic for ‘my rent’. It’s also what the system for registering your tenancy contract is called – and it’s an absolute must.

Besides the fact that you’re required to get it done by law, you won’t be able to do some pretty big things without your Ejari. These include getting/renewing your residence permit, signing up to get the power, water, and Internet services going at your new place or employing domestic staff.

Ejari is also how you protect yourself in case of any disputes, and make sure that your rental agreement is fair, transparent and has the seal of approval of the Dubai government.

Do I have to register with Ejari myself?

Ejari Registration Dubai Apartment Villa Process

Yes, registering your tenancy contract with Ejari is usually on you.

It’s not unheard of for landlords to do it, but it’s generally your responsibility, seeing as you need it before you can truly call your new property home.

Okay then, where do I register my tenancy contract?

The Dubai Land Department (RERA) makes it fairly easy for you to register (or cancel) your Ejari.

Simply visit and follow the instructions to upload your documents. You’ll also be able to pay the necessary fees via the website… and voila! Registration takes only six working hours at most!

If technology is not your friend, typing centers can help you put the right paperwork together in usually between only 15 and 20 minutes. You can find a list of typing centers approved by RERA on the Ejari website.

So, which documents do I need?

Documents required Ejari Dubai apartment

You’ll need to scan or take a high-resolution photo of the following:

  • Your tenancy contract
  • The security deposit receipt
  • Your passport and UAE visa (if you’re a non-GCC resident)
  • Your Emirates ID
  • The landlord’s passport
  • The property Title Deeds (or the Affection Plan issued by Dubai Municipality)
  • The DEWA Premises Number, recent DEWA bills (for Ejari renewals) or a DEWA cancellation certificate from the previous tenant (for new Ejari registrations)
  • If you’re registering as a business/company, you’ll also need to submit a copy of your Trading License and the manager’s Emirates ID

You can also get detailed information on the required documents here.

What happens then?

Moving homes Dubai Ejari

After you’ve submitted all the documents and paid the fees, you will receive an Ejari certificate that confirms your contract is now in the system and is legally valid!

All done and ready to roll (all your food into the fridge)!

Canceling Ejari

The Ejari certificate does not automatically expire once you’ve decided to move out of the property. It is, however, the landlord’s responsibility to submit the request for the cancellation of the certificate, as they will not be able to confirm another tenant and finalize their move into the home if the Ejari for it is still issued in your name (remember, Ejari certificates are linked to your tenancy contract).


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