How to make a quick AED 500 from your clutter

How to make a quick AED 500 from your clutter

Wanna upgrade to a nicer phone and need some extra cash? Or are you dreaming of a new wardrobe addition? When you sell things you no longer need, you can free up some space and also put some extra dizzes in your wallet!

Here are a few items you might have lying around in your house, and they do add up! We used rough prices, they might vary according to age and usage.


1) Old electronics


This is a dubizzle favorite, cause selling those really makes a difference in someone else’s life. Just keep in mind that something slightly outdated and maybe even nostalgic might be shiny and new to someone else.

Old radio / CD player / boom box: AED 50
Computer mouse: AED 20
Keyboard: AED 50
Old printer: AED 100
Speakers / surround system: AED 200
Old playstation / Xbox: AED 500
Blackberry Bold: AED 200
Charger cable: AED 80
Computer headset: AED 80
Mobile phone headset: AED 50
Simple laptop bag: AED 35


2) Small home appliances

kitchen appliances

You know you have those old electronics for your kitchen or bathroom in your storage space, you’d be surprised how easy it is to sell them.

Hairdryer: AED 50
Shaver: AED 200
Blender: AED 80
Toaster: AED 50
Coffeemaker: AED 100


3) Baby items


Babies grow quickly and toys become unused. But there’s always young parents bargain hunting on dubizzle. Here are some of the items and their prices:

Baby car: AED 100
Soft toys: AED 50
High chair: AED 100
Car seat: AED 80
Baby clothes: AED 20


4) Bookshelf finds


Another great source of travel budget: old books, CD’s and DVD’s you’ve seen way too much of.

Novels: AED 20
Text books: AED 80
DVD’s: AED 25
CD’s: AED 20


5) Furniture & accessories:


What happens when you love a new piece of furniture in a shop? Correct, it’s time to say farewell to the old one. With so many people relocating in the UAE, there’s a never ending market for furniture.

Curtain set full length: AED 250
Standing lamp: AED 80
Bedside lamp: AED 50
Fan: AED 100
Picture frame: AED 50
Mirror full length: AED 200
Rugs, 150 x 200: AED 200
Coffee table: AED 100
Bedside table: AED 80


6) Clothes & accessories

Fashionable clothes on pegs in a cloak-room; Shutterstock ID 100688977; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Clothes and accessories in good wearing condition are another excellent source of extra budget. And they leave you with more space for the one or other find that you’ll surely love more than it’s predecessor.

Branded perfume: AED 200
Sneakers: AED 150
Dress, branded: AED 250
Simple top / t-shirt: AED 15
Handbag, branded: AED 500-1500


Now what do you do with this extensive list? Have a look through and when you’re ready, place a few ads at a time on dubizzle. It’s quick, you can do it straight from mobile.

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