How to furnish your home on a budget

How to furnish your home on a budget

Furnishing your home in the UAE can be very easy if you can afford all the luxurious brands.

Of course, there are some brands that are affordable, but come on, do you want your home to look like any other home around? I am sure you’d love to furnish your home to be your haven for when you come back from your work and play music, watch some TV, and sleep in a comfortable bed.

And this is where we can help! We did our research and gathered our data on the items that are sold on dubizzle compared to their brand new prices. What you’re going to read next will impress you. Have a look!

Average price of new items VS. Average Price on dubizzle

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So what are you waiting for? Download the dubizzle app, look for deals, and start saving today!

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  • Adela Zahir

    Well said! Thanks for the article. I would like to suggest you one of the best furniture stores named the Royal Rest. They have the best bedroom furniture in Dubai. You can buy furniture online as well. They are very famous in Dubai and all over the Middle East.

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