DIY: Organize your kitchen

DIY: Organize your kitchen

There’s nothing like the struggle that comes from cooking in a disorganized kitchen. We all know that frustrating feeling of not being able to find the spatula when you’re so sure you put it in the drawer. And we also all know that one cabinet that is so stuffed full of miscellaneous items that you’re too terrified to open the door in case an avalanche of kitchen utensils comes pouring out.

But, it’s time to pull yourself and your kitchen together and get organized! To make it less daunting, we’ve come up with a few DIY tricks for organizing your kitchen, the cheap and easy way:

Pegboard wall organizer


(Image Credit: Rice Design)

Calling all cooking fanatics! Install a pegboard onto an empty wall space and use hooks to hold baskets of utensils, or just hang the utensils straight from the hooks. You’ll never have to search in an over-filled cabinet again!

Bamboo knife holder


(Image Credit: Pintrest-core77)

Get yourself a bunch of bamboo skewers and pop them in a small vase or container. Stick your sharp kitchen knives in between the skewers and voila! That’s it, literally – that’s all you have to do to create a safe knife storage space.

Blow away plastic bag clutter


Almost every household has that drawer that is stuffed full of plastic bags or that plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags (Plastic Bagception)  – it’s good to not throw them away, but sometimes they just cause too much clutter. So, instead of throwing them into a drawer, use an old tissue box to keep them organized and have easy access!

Hang ‘em up


Wooden spoons, spatula’s, whisks, and other cooking utensils are difficult to store neatly in a drawer because of their inconvenient shapes. Rather install a shower rod above your sink or inside a cupboard and hang all of your utensils from hooks. This looks neat, and you can find them easily!

Now, that you know how to make your kitchen ship-shape, why not get started now? In fact, we’re going to do exactly the same thing! If you’re looking for other storage items, you can find them on dubizzle, just to add that extra flare to your newly organized kitchen.

Do you have more DIY ideas to organize your kitchen? Write us to, we’d love to hear from you!

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