9 things you want to buy second hand in Abu Dhabi!

9 things you want to buy second hand in Abu Dhabi!

You’ll be surprised how much you can save by getting something second hand rather than new!
We’ve spent some time to go through dubizzle – and here are our favorite picks from across all categories.

1) A Samsung Galaxy S6


Our colleagues totally swear on the new Galaxy with the fancy curved screen. Runs on dubizzle from AED 2,150. You can browse Samsung Galaxy on dubizzle!


2) Brand new Chanel sunglasses


Think Audrey Hepburn! You’ll be surprised how many brand new original sunglasses with receipt you can find on dubizzle – yalla do a quick search for sunglasses on dubizzle! This one’s around AED 900.


3) A Preloved MacBook Pro


All you electronics lovers will agree that the MacBook is one of the fastest computers out there – no surprise we’re all keen to get one! MacBook Pro’s on dubizzle run from AED 3,600.


4) A beautiful patterned rug


This is probably not usually one of those things that you buy second hand. But bring 100 AED and a friend with a big car – and this 2m x 2m beauty can be yours. Browse other carpets on dubizzle!


5) A timeless black leather Dior clutch bag


Yes, at AED 5,500 this bag comes at a cost, but for all the ladies: You will keep this timeless clutch forever and it’s a real investment in your wardrobe. Have a look at other designer bags on dubizzle!


6) An Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board


For all you active people – beach season is well underway and nothing’s more refreshing than a morning SUP session. This board comes with all accessories for AED 2,395 but you can find other water sports equipment on dubizzle too.


7) A Beautiful Vintage Omega Watch



Our vintage watch lovers at dubizzle have alerted us of this beauty! At AED 4,600 it can be classified as a real collector’s item, but again, it’s what handbags are to women. Find more classic watches on dubizzle!


8) A Beautiful Design Armchair & Ottoman


If you’re looking for something a little special for the living room, this one should fit in just about any room. This statement armchair runs at AED 2,700, check out other furniture on dubizzle!


9) A Portable Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker


Why buy it new? This Bose speaker is portable, perfect for the beach, balcony, or barbecue with friends. Get it from AED 1,100. Browse some other Bose speakers on dubizzle!


And that’s it for now. So what’s next? Mobile app, that’s next. Free for download and after some training it’ll make you coffee in the morning.

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