Everything you need to know about moving into a new Dubai home

Everything you need to know about moving into a new Dubai home

Moving to a new home in Dubai can be quite an undertaking. It almost never goes smoothly and can disrupt your daily routine a fair bit, unless you really stay on top of every part of the process. And without a comprehensive list of everything that you absolutely must take care of when moving from one property to another, achieving that promises to be a challenge of note.

That’s why we’re here, to make sure you have a detailed list of things you need to deal with to make your moving process and its aftermath as painless as possible:


Made your decision on roughly when you’d like to move? Finding a moving company best suited to your needs and booking them for the day of the move should be your first order of business.

This exercise will involve getting in touch with licensed moving companies and asking for quotes, and you should get on this about two weeks before your moving date, in order to give yourself plenty of time to compare prices, services, and finally make your mind up. Just don’t forget to confirm everything with the company a few days before your move to ensure that they’re scheduled to arrive at the most convenient time for you.

We’ve even got a few tips and various important things that you should keep in mind while hunting for and settling on a moving company that you will entrust your possessions too. Check it out here.

Also, moving is usually the ideal occasion to get rid of old stuff that has been cluttering your home, which you now have a perfect excuse to shed – even if you’re a hoarder. So, it’s a good idea to offload anything that you might not need in your new property, and you can do that quickly and hassle-free by posting an ad with dubizzle classifieds.


  1. Cancellation

Pay close attention to this very important detail first – you should apply for your final bill and to have your DEWA disconnected no later or sooner than two to three days before your move. You should be precise in your timing because the process of getting your final bill takes the same amount of time, and you’ll want to be able to hand over your old home to the landlord/agent and get your deposit back, which you cannot do without the final bill in hand.

Submit the form online or go pay one of the DEWA service centers around the city a personal visit to get the cancellation process going. Bring your passport or Emirates ID copy along, in addition to one of your previous DEWA bills. But don’t forget, you’ll need power and water to keep running for the move, inspections and any maintenance and/or repairs ahead or during the move, so make sure to state your exact moving date on your “Final Bill” form. The best way to make your life even more difficult during the move is having to burn candles for illumination and not being able to use the bathroom!

Once you’ve received the SMS notification that your final bill is ready, you will need to visit the DEWA office again, settle any outstanding bills and collect your deposit.

  1. Activation

Meanwhile, just as you are applying to have your final bill sorted, you should also be submitting a move-in request in order to make sure that the lights and water will be up and running on the day of your move. It’s obviously very important to get this right, and the customer service agent can help with this if you inform them that you would also like to kick-start the process of reconnecting water and power services at your new place.

As with the final bill request, you can submit the application for the activation of services in your new home online or at a DEWA customer service center. The documents you’ll need to bring with you include a passport or Emirates ID copy, a completed and signed DEWA form, a copy of your tenancy contract, the 9-digit DEWA premise number (found outside your door on the top corner), the Title Deed to your new home, and your landlord’s passport copy.

Internet/TV/Landline services

With electricity and water sorted, the next in line is getting your new home online and everything else that tends to come with it, such as cable TV and a landline. You can do this at an Etisalat or du customer service center near you. There’s no need to cancel your account and then activate a new one – you can simply put in a request to transfer the services to your new address. Once you’ve applied for the transfer, the technician will take between two to four working days to come by and carry out the necessary work to activate the connection.

All you need to do is bring your passport or Emirates ID copy, and a copy of the tenancy contract for your new home. Do this three days before you move so as to ensure that the technician will arrive at your new home on the day of the move, and you’ll able to continue enjoying the services without any interruption.


Generally, you can get this done after you’ve moved, but it’s an absolute must. It’s required by law, and you’ll need it to get a bunch of things done for your new property. We’ve also got a guide to making sense of Ejari for you here, which will give you a very good idea about what you’ll need to do and exactly how and why you need to do it.

Just a heads up, though: you’ll need your passport or Emirates ID copy, your tenancy contract (signed by both you and your landlord/property owner), the DEWA contract and connection receipt, and the Title Deed.

Moving permit

 This is not something you want to neglect and then find yourself unable to get even a single piece of furniture out (or in, to your new home) on the day the movers arrive. A lot of buildings/communities in Dubai require tenants who are moving out or moving in to apply for a moving permit and usually put down a deposit (which you get back once you’ve completed the move).

For example, buildings in Emaar communities ask for your tenancy contract, Ejari, passport copy, and visa copy a week in advance of your move. This procedure is meant to confirm whether service fees have been covered, so make sure that you and/or your landlord have settled all outstanding charges to avoid any delays in moving.

Painter and cleaner

 When moving out, you will need to restore your old home to its original condition, which usually means getting it cleaned and painted (including plugging any nail and hanger holes). If you do not leave your home in the same condition in which it was handed over to you, your landlord has the right to withhold a portion or all of the deposit, depending on the changes/state of the home. Make sure to get this done a couple of days before your apartment/villa handover inspection.

Supervise moving company/label boxes

 Any decent moving company will be labeling all your boxes – just make sure that everything is labeled accurately so you don’t waste time looking for stuff while unpacking in your new home.

Don’t forget to set all the daily essentials aside, just in case! Pack a small bag that contains the basic items that you need (personal hygiene and body care products, clothing) during the first days after moving. Also, it’s probably better if you take valuable items personally – keep them in a separate area so that they don’t get mixed with your other belongings.

Get your deposit back

After you have moved out completely and painted/cleaned your old place, make sure to get your deposit back in full (if the job has been done properly, of course, you will be able to do this without any issues).

Meanwhile, make sure to take photos of your new home to keep a record of the condition you received the property in.

Happy moving!

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