​How to Furnish Your Living Room with AED 1000

​How to Furnish Your Living Room with AED 1000

Would you take the challenge to furnish your living room from scratch with only with a thousand bucks? I would and I actually did.

Bearing in mind that a house is not a home without a proper living room, I had to make sure that I fill the space with items that would make my abode as inviting to guests as it is to me.

I have a fascination for pre-loved furniture and furnishings as these are most often excellent ‘buys’.  To search for these items, I just dubizzled it.

I would like to share a few points for you  to consider prior to engaging in a dubizzle-hunt for the best items to furnish your living room:

  1. Select the theme: This should dictate the colors and designs to be chosen.
  2. Consider the proximity to the source: For smaller items, select vendors that are just a drive away.  For the bigger items, note that moving charges within Dubai start at around AED 120.
  3. Narrow your search as per budget:  Note that you can actually arrange the search results from lowest price up.

I would like to inspire you with a few prized items that I found through dubizzle which are very much in line with my fondness for beige and brown hues.

A couch for a couch potato like me

I came across this beautiful cream colored couch which I instantly fell in love with.  It is a must-buy as I could imagine how it would make my reading or TV time perfectly relaxing. (AED 600).

Tea or Coffee? End or Center Table?

I simply can’t decide.  In any case and for whatever purpose, these two pieces add beauty to the entire ensemble.(AED 100)

Let there be light

This lamp wrapped in Japanese paper will certainly do the trick in changing the mood of my living room from active to melodramatic.  (AED 60)

Find the perfect lamp for you here!

Royal Curtains

I was in luck to find curtains with colors that will undoubtedly add a touch of royalty. (AED 85)

Looking for curtains? Check out the curtains section here.

Going green with the greeneries

These beautiful plants will indeed make a difference, aesthetically and health-wise. AED 25 each.

Find the right plant for you here.

Let the pictures say it all

Family, friends, pets or simply myself in photographed memories can all be re-lived through these beautiful hanging frames. (AED 60)

Find the perfect picture frame for you here.

Mirror mirror on the wall

This will make my living room the most spacious of them all.  (AED 50)

Find the best reflection of yourself here.

Have you used dubizzle to furnish your home? We’d love to hear your story! Write us at social@dubizzle.com

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