McLaren P1 Carbon Series: The most expensive car being sold on dubizzle!

This McLaren P1 Carbon Series consists of 5 cars worldwide that were retrofitted with a bare-carbon fiber body with specific design requests from clients. It is currently being sold on dubizzle for AED 15 Million by Layah Motors.

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The McLaren P1 can go from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds and will hit 300 kph in 16.5 seconds. The interior features Carbon-fiber seats with minimum cushioning; a glass roof made from aircraft-grade glass – the lightest glass on the market.

Activating the P1’s Race Mode lowers the car 50 mm on the suspension to tuck the tires into the arches and raises the rear-wing by 300 mm at a 29-degree angle producing 600 kg of down-force at 160 mph.

You’re looking at a 0 KM – Brand New McLaren P1; the only Carbon Series P1 directly imported to the UAE by Al Habtoor; the official importer for the UAE.

“Terrifying, brilliant, devastatingly quick. There’s nothing like the P1 McLaren has upped the hyper-car stakes.“ – Top Gear 

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