Tips for searching for a job in Dubai

Tips for searching for a job in Dubai

Every year thousands of job seekers from all parts of the world land in the UAE with one main goal; to seek employment opportunities. Whether you are fresh in Dubai or you want to switch employers, finding a job is much easier for those who are armed with good papers, solid plans, and determination. Here are our top 5 tips to ensure that you get the job of your dreams in Dubai this year.

Update your CV

You must update your CV before sending it out to potential employers. Furthermore, you must know your CV like the back of your hand so that in case you have a phone interview you will be able to convince the employer of your qualifications. In as much as you might be tempted, never cheat in your CV because a simple background check will have your lie undone.

Know the employment market

Just like the lists you create for dream destinations or restaurants to try, it is necessary to have a list of the types of jobs, companies, and industries that hold your interest. This will help you to focus your search on jobs that match your skill set and preferences. In addition, if you intend to visit the companies and drop a copy of your CV, such a list will come in very handy because many companies in Dubai are clustered according to their industrial sectors such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.


Networking is extremely important in Dubai because the probability of getting a job is increased by the people you know in your company. You can network both online and in job fairs. Do not limit your networks to formal events, as you can still get important contacts in social events.  

Get a recruiter

If you encounter major challenges in your job hunt, you should consider paying a recruiter to look for a job on your behalf. Although these recruiters might require a commission, they can help you secure interviews and even get jobs.

Subscribe to job portals and talent banks

If you want to be the first to get job alerts, it is necessary that you subscribe to every job portal and talent bank that you can find in the UAE. Fortunately, dubizzle has thousands of jobs in different sectors for you. You can also apply “save search” on the sectors you are interested in so you don’t miss your dream job. 

Ultimately, finding a job will heavily depend on your efforts and proactiveness in reaching out to potential employers. It is essential that you keep a record of all the applications that you have sent out to enable you to follow up with everyone you have contacted. Also look out on dubizzle for the latest job alerts.

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