New law on domestic jobs in UAE

New law on domestic jobs in UAE

A new law has been approved by Shaikh Khalifa which offers domestic workers essential working conditions, including regular weekly days off.


What must placement agencies ensure for domestic jobs?

Placement agencies must ensure workers are informed of the terms and conditions of their employment.This is set by the executive regulations prior to the domestic worker crossing their national borders.

New centers called Tadbeer will replace domestic worker recruitment agencies towards the end of this year; Tadbeer will focus on ensuring proper visa, orientation and the training of domestic workers.


What does the law state?

The law states: “A contract accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources will be signed by the employer and the employment agency, setting out job description and qualifications of the worker as well as obligations of the employer. This contract will also detail the financial obligations towards the worker traveling to the UAE, the fees of the agent and the period required to bring in the employee.”


How will wages be made for domestic jobs?

Payment for the workers’ service should be communicated and agreed upon before arriving in the UAE. Payment should be made prior to the 10th of the following month and a receipt should be signed with every payment.

A wage protection system may be introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.The full amount of the worker’s salary and end of service gratuity should be made, deductions are not permitted.


How will contracts for domestic workers be regulated?

A copy of the job offer should be given to the worker, by the recruitment agency, before the worker leaves his/her country with the terms and conditions accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

The contract may be terminated either by the domestic worker or the employer whether or not the other party has met his/her obligations.


What are domestic workers entitled to?

  • Wages which are set in the standard contract which should be paid within 10 days from the day they are due.
  • The employer to provide medical insurance and 30 days medical leave per year
  • One day off per week.
  • Twelve hours of rest each day; which includes 8 hours of continued rest.
  • A ticket to his/her home every 2 years
  • A proper accommodation, including decent meals and clothing which should be covered by the employer
  • Passport and identification papers should be in the possession of the worker.
  • Either party can refer a dispute to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation; the ministry will then resolve the dispute within 2 weeks. If the ministry is unable to come to a closure on the situation then the matter will be referred to a court instead. Under the law, if a worker files a case they will not need to cover the court fees and they will be heard in a quick and prompt manner.


Legal prohibitions

  • workers are not allowed to be below the age of 18
  • Workers should not under any circumstances be exposed to any physical harm
  •  Workers should not be assigned any tasks which are not covered under the contract.

The new law on domestic jobs in UAE will take full effect in approximately two months.

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