What to do after a job interview?

What to do after a job interview?

Waiting, isn’t that the loveliest notion on the planet. Waves of agony sprinkled in with long stretches of boredom when your friends turn up late, you forgot your E-gate card or … my personal favorite .. that one petrol station in the Greens that is always so jam packed you’re wondering whether they announced a hurricane.


Now another well known wait is the joyful stretch of time that passes until you hear back from a job interview. Which in all fairness is a little worse than most other waits cause in this case you might end up jobless.

With all the empathy for waiting our HR team has, they do have a point. There’s certain things, little things, applicants do that simply do not speed up the process and leave a bit of a negative feeling. And mind you, all of the following little annoyances have actually happened:

Mistake no. 1: Following up on an application on social media outside working hours


As casual as these options might seem – they’re not part of what can be considered professional communication. Case and point. It’s always good to stick to email or the phone number you were given, and call during office hours.

What’s happening in the HR brain: Whatsapp and Facebook are for personal use, evenings and weekends are much deserved time off for everyone. Applicants should respect that.

Mistake no. 2: Calling to follow up the next day

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Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number – Carly Rae got it all wrong. Don’t call the next day. Wait at least a week, chances are other interviews are still going on.

What’s happening in the HR brain: This person either has another offer or doesn’t know that usually more than 1 person get interviewed for a job.

Mistake no. 3: You’re not asking for a reason why you weren’t hired


A week has passed, the time has come to politely check on your application via phone or email. If you got the job – congrats! You must have read all our blog posts about great interviews! 😉 If you didn’t – be sure to check why, after all you made time as well. And you might get some good pointers on the quality of your application.

What’s happening in the HR brain: If a person took the negative news well and politely inquired about the reason, they probably have a good personality and might have a shot at a different role.

Mistake no. 4: You’re starting to argue after you learn you weren’t hired

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This really happens, therefore our tip: Don’t argue. Show personal strength and focus on understanding why. Rarely a telephone conversation like this ended up in the recruiter saying “Oh I see, I got it all wrong, we should hire you!”. You will definitely ruin your chances at ever getting a job at that company .

What’s happening in the HR brain: Probably the only situation that causes level 12 distress and there’s also a good chance they are secretly counting the time that’s being wasted.

Mistake no. 5: You did a training and now you think you’re perfect for the job


Some think they did a quick extra qualification and that changes everything for their application – but in most cases, it doesn’t. If an applicant is not a cultural fit or is too junior for a role, that is not going to change in 3 months training. Wait at least 1 year to apply for the same position.

What’s happening in the HR brain:  This applicant didn’t understand or follow up on the outcome of their interview.

What’s next?

If you haven’t yet, start your job search on dubizzle! Happy hunting 🙂



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