How to spend your first salary

How to spend your first salary

Getting your first job could be stressful; you need to prove that you were the employer’s right choice when they decided to hire you. But all that stress disappears when you receive your first salary.

Getting your first salary is probably the best moment in your career life; you feel like “I am finally an adult… I should act responsible with this salary”. Well, acting all adult and responsible is cool. But come on, it’s your first salary! And this is how we think you should spend it:

A thoughtful gift for the family


That’s a must! I mean these folks raised you well enough to get that job. (And it’s a good way to test your knowledge about what your family like).


Dinner with friends


Taking your friends out for lunch or dinner is a cool gesture to show that you appreciate your friends and their friendship. It doesn’t have to be a fancy place, pizza and hanging out is the best way to do it!


A cool thing for your place


A new addition to your place to remind you that your hard work paid off well. Maybe buy yourself an awesome collectible that you can find on dubizzle.


Donating some money


Donating some money is a cool random act of kindness, specially if you believe in karma.


Saving up your first salary! Or what’s left of it…


Welcome to the adulthood son, saving up is a huge part of being an adult. Save up to buy your dream car, or move to a bigger place, it will be worth it. (Of course after you have done all of the above)


Of course these are just few of many things you can do with your first salary. Do you have any other ideas? We’d like to hear about them, you can even tell us how you spent your first salary, write us on

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