How to Make A Good First Impression on Your First Day at Work

How to Make A Good First Impression on Your First Day at Work
So here you are, on your first day of work. Cliché as it may sound, first impressions do last. They create an image of who you are and believe me, they are going to be very difficult to change.
What sort of impression would you like to create? The answer is quite simple: You must be what your CV says you are. Here are a few tips to make the best of your first day at work:

Be pleasant

You would never have passed the interview had you displayed any signs of disinterest through your body language, frowning included. It is a must that you carry that with you on your first day of work, that same enthusiasm you had shown during the interview. Nobody would want to be working around a snapping alligator.

Be punctual

Punctuality is a sign of respecting people’s time. If your call time is 9 AM, be sure you are there at 9 AM. I always come to office earlier than the expected time-in. It gives me the much-needed allowance to breathe and relax. I am then in a better position to face whatever challenges the day may pose early on as I have calmed my nerves prior to that.

Be Enculturated

Be observant and adopt the culture quickly. Keep an eye on how the people act and how they dress. Understand the culture and the work environment, you don’t want to come in a t-shirt and jeans to a company with a formal environment. But if you do and are looking for a company with a more friendly and casual environment, dubizzle always looks for talented people! Find available opportunities here.

Be Who the Company Expects You to Be

The required skills have been stated prior to you applying for the post. You have claimed to possess these for which reason you were hired.  It is possible that on your first day, you would be given assignments to prove your worth. Accomplish these tasks with sheer confidence and manage the expectations of whoever is giving you the responsibilities. Do so by clarifying the exact scope of work and respond with commitment as to when and how you plan to deliver.

Be A Model of Decorum

Decorum is defined as following social norms, propriety, and modesty. I guess ‘be yourself’ is the last I would advise you to do. ‘Being yourself’ is a confusing statement as people unknowingly wear different hats given different circumstances. Wear the right hat to work which you may not be using while in parties or with friends. Be willing to appropriate your thoughts, words, and actions accordingly.
Lastly, live through your first day and congratulate yourself.  If you’ve done well on the first, then let every day be ‘a first’ day. 🙂
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