How to hunt for a job

How to hunt for a job

Everyone wants to work in Dubai, where anything’s possible, (which doesn’t make it any easier for those of us already living and working here). So just how do you go about securing that dream job? Simple – don’t aim for less than you know you are capable of, and be more than the recruiter thinks that you are!

Our tips make job-hunting a pleasure:

Be thorough

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There are thousands of opportunities out there. By all means job search and advertise your services online. With dubizzle’s mobile app you can be proactive every day while you have a coffee or ride the bus.

Look out for community bulletin boards at supermarkets. They are still as popular here as they were over a decade ago despite the social media revolution.

Do your research

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Don’t just throw your talents at the wall to see where they will stick. Before you apply, find out who the company or employer really is, and why they would want you. Use the internet. Read about their character and culture.

Honestly, ask yourself if you can contribute. Then make yourself indispensable.

Create a visual resume

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Everybody’s doing it. Design a series of introductory slides about yourself with an eye-catching photo for your online audience (no, not the one from last night!).

A video CV is another easy way to make an instant impression. Watch our fun guide on the do’s and don’ts of making one. Hint: Don’t film yourself on a bad hair day or in front of last night’s dirty dishes! And do exude confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


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Your computer screen isn’t the only avenue for job hunting. When you’re at a gathering, be prepared to talk to strangers about what you do in positive terms. Attend specific networking events.

Carry business cards. If you get a lead, follow up with a phone call. You’ve got nothing to lose.

See it

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“Manifest”! It’s the new buzzword, because it works. Spend a few minutes every day imagining yourself in your perfect career. Feel how happy you feel. Indulge in all the little details. See yourself strolling into the Dubai Mall with your first salary in the plastic of your wallet.

And when you land that job, remember dubizzle for tips on making your creativity at work zing. Or tips on how to work smarter not harder.Download our mobile app now so you can stay ahead.

Download our mobile app now so you can stay ahead.

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