dubizzle Jobs goes 2.0 for recruiters!

dubizzle Jobs goes 2.0 for recruiters!

Our dubizzle Jobs team is unable to withhold their excitement any longer and neither can the many recruiters that are using dubizzle on a daily basis to seek their ideal candidates.

What’s got us so thrilled that we’re falling off our chairs?


Version 2.0 of dubizzle Jobs is upon us.

Recruiters are now able to view responses to their jobs posted on the new jobs dashboard, directly on dubizzle.

This means –  it’s time to bid farewell to uneasily receiving and managing job applications in your email inbox; make way for a brand-new glistening jobs dashboard!

Here’s what’s new:


Collaboration is the way dubizzle is headed for recruiters. Upon logging in, you can create your very own company profile with: name, industry, company size, description, contact name, phone number and address.

We’ll be launching collaborations between team members and admin levels in the near future, so stay tuned!


Very exciting times! Go to the new jobs dashboard and click on any job you posted to see all the applications you received for the position.

Get the most out of the new jobs dashboard now.


You can also filter applications by name, position, current company, nationality, location and age.

Let’s not forget about the keyword search within job applications.

It only gets real once you get your hands on it.

Start your free trial here!


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