11 personality traits in every office

11 personality traits in every office

We’ve gathered 11 of the most easily identifiable personality traits in a workplace. Take a look below to see if the characteristics match you or anyone you might know in your office.

Which office character are you?

The Chatterbox

Every office has a chatterbox, someone you’d want to avoid like the plague. As soon as they start talking they just can’t stop and you’re stuck there listening to their 40-minute story.

Chatterboxes are known to speak their mind and can never keep thoughts to themselves.

The Workaholic

The workaholic, on the other hand, are practically the opposite, with their heads busily buried in their work they will rarely stop you for a chat. In fact, they will eat, sleep and breathe their work and look down on co-workers that actually have a social life.

They like to show they are independent and of course ambitious, but don’t be fooled… They at times have a dark side which is their volatile and rigid nature.

They like to be there in the earliest hours of the office before anybody else and the last to leave.

The Meeting Scheduler

Every office has one worker that absolutely loves pointless and time-consuming meetings. These meetings can go on for hours. This person would like nothing more than to have a meeting every day for 365 days a year. Their real job is to fill your inbox with countless, pointless meeting requests.

The Helpful One

The helpful one is known to be a team player. They are always lending a helping hand to a fellow colleague.They enjoy giving helpful advice on the work of others and look for ways for others to improve.

The Un-Censored Sharer

This person does not have a sensor whatsoever and literally shares everything and anything they want from intimate date details to just offensive comments. Their offensive and humiliating statements are always a laughing matter which makes them known as the joker of the office.

The Noisemaker

The noisemaker wants attention and their noise can come in all forms and sounds from loud screeching laughter to singing, humming and loud conversations.

This person usually is oblivious of just how loud they actually are and seldom care about respecting the noise level in an office.

The Gossiper

In search for some juicy office gossip? The gossiper will help you with that. They practically know everything about everyone and will be spilling secrets wherever they go.

If you decide to share your news with them, don’t guarantee it will be in safe hands, they won’t withhold your news to themselves for long, it’s bound to be passed around at one point or another.

The Quiet One

They say silence is golden, but it seems only the quiet one truly understands that. The quiet one is usually unseen and unheard of. Don’t be surprised if you’ve never even noticed them before. They are too immersed in their work and enjoy silence because they get the most done in a silent atmosphere.

The Creative One

The creative ones work long hours with great concentration and they are known to bring an aura of freshness and enthusiasm to the workplace.

Creatives ones have a strong sense of imagination and always proud and humble of their work. They sometimes seclude themselves from others so they can build on their creativity skills.

The E-mail Fanatic

The e-mail fanatic job is just to send you e-mails or at least it seems so, they just don’t want to leave you in peace. They love sending e-mails by the hundreds all day long. They’ll even send you tons of emails if they’re sitting right next to you. Your inbox will be filled by that one recipient every day and you will forever know them as – the e-mail fanatic.

The Suck-up

The suck-up is the co-worker who will pretend they will do just about anything for their boss and seldom are truly genuine. They are usually sly and their job in the workplace is to complement their boss to get on their good side.

In a Nutshell

It’s difficult to identify someone’s personality trait into a single type because at most times a person carries more than one personality trait…Do any of these traits ring a bell of a co-worker or friend? If so, go ahead and tag them!

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