7 baby items you need if you are expecting

“Congratulations! When’s the baby due?” is something you usually hear all the time if you are pregnant, but how many of them have told you “Did you know that you’ll need this baby item or that baby item?” Well, that’s what this blog post all about.

We understand that it could be difficult if you’re an expat living in the UAE, maybe away from family who would tell you exactly what you need if you are expecting your first baby. So here are 7 baby items (in no particular order) you need to get and prepare beforehand:


This is as confusing for first-time parents as a non-motorhead choosing a car. There are a lot of types and models of strollers to choose from. Do you want one all-purpose stroller or different strollers for different situations? Check the stroller’s wheels and suspension to figure out what kind of surfaces it can handle. Usually, a stroller with an all-wheel suspension and foam filled tires are the best because they can handle off-roading and are good for any situation.

Car seat

Installing one of these bad boys in your car will surely make you feel like… A parent. But hey! At least you’ll be a responsible parent! You’re going to need to get a rear-facing baby seat until your baby is 2 years old. Your child’s weight should be no higher than allowed on the seat’s weight limit.

If you are buying a pre-loved car seat, make sure it has not been in an accident or it’s not in a recalled list, always check the brand’s website for recalled models. Check out a complete guide to child safety car seats in the UAE.

And if your car doesn’t have back seats, you might consider selling your car and getting yourself a proper family friendly one 🙂


Choosing clothes for your baby could be fun and tricky at the same time! Remember, safety first! Make sure the clothes you choose for your baby don’t have buttons, bows or any decorative rhinestones because these can be choking risks. Also, avoid clothes with long ties because they can pull tightly around your baby’s arms, legs, or neck which is unsafe for the baby.

You’ll also need diapers (a lot of diapers) and a changing table. If you don’t have enough space for that then a changing mat will do,


Remember, your baby will spend more hours in a crib each day than anywhere else so it has to be both comfy and safe. Make sure that the crib is stable, the best way to check is to give it a good shake; if it wobbles, you probably want to look another crib. The mattress should fit perfectly in the crib with no spaces in between. Place the crib away from windows, where direct sunlight can make your baby uncomfortable.

Baby bathtub

When buying a baby bathtub there you have to pick the bathtub with the right size; a bigger bathtub means more room for the baby to slide around. There are some extra features that you might want to keep an eye out for such as a temperature gauge, non-skid surface, water fill line, and a drain plug.


Baby feeding is very important, you really don’t your baby to be hangry (hungry and angry). There are a lot of equipments can help you feed your baby such as pumps, bottle warmers, and bottle Steriliser. Don’t forget to buy burp cloths and bibs Find all feeding items on dubizzle.

Medicine cabinet

A medicine cabinet is always a good idea to be organized and know where all your baby medication is. It’s also good to keep a thermometer and a bulb syringe to suction excess mucus from the baby’s nose and mouth. Ask your pediatrician which type they recommend for your baby, and they can also tell you what kinds of medications or ointments you may need in your baby’s medicine cabinet.


And remember, once your baby grows and no longer need these items, you can sell them on dubizzle. Now that you know the basics, we can safely say, Congratulations! When’s the baby due?

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