A Dubai tower dangling in mid-air… Could it be possible?

The tower, known as The Analemma Tower, which is being proposed by Clouds Architecture Office, will dangle from an asteroid, a minor planet located in the inner solar system, 50,000 km from earth. It will orbit in a pattern forming the number 8; across both the north and south hemispheres in a 24 -hour cycle every day.

The world’s next tallest building in the air!

Clouds Architecture has flagged it as “the world’s tallest tower”.

Two of the highest points of the tower begin between 17,000 and 20,000 meters above the earth’s surface. While the tallest point of the tower is approximately 32,000 meters above ground.

The tower provides different zones

The tower will be divided into different zones dedicated for business, activities, gardening and architectural, sleeping, dining, shopping and entertainment.There will also be a zone, at two of the highest points, reserved for religious and funerary purposes.

Transfer stations will be used to transfer people or goods between the earth’s surface and the orbiting tower.

How will power be supplied to the tower?

Analemma’s designers plan to power the tower by installing solar panels which are space-based. They would be installed above the atmosphere and would receive continuous sunlight.

The water supply would be from the condensation captured from the rain and clouds which would then be filtered and recycled.

A different way of orbiting the earth…

It is indeed a very different way of orbiting the earth.Whether this tower will actually be put into place or not is still unsure. Although some light has been shed on it. So it could be a possibility in the future – in fact, it could be Dubai’s next tallest tower or the next tallest tower in the world! And who knows, maybe you’ll find it on dubizzle’s property section when it launches. The question is, would you live in it? If so, don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming party! Live long and prosper!

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