Owning a pet: Laws and responsibilities

Owning a pet in a fast paced city (and often very hot) like Dubai is a great responsibility, especially if you are at work most of the time and only go back home at evening (if you were not invited to an outing with colleagues or friends).

If you have a pet or planning to own one (Like an actual pet, not a Pokémon) you should know these rules around owning a pet.

These rules are based on Federal Laws No. 16 Of 2007, you can find all laws and legalizations on the official website of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.


Article 2

The owners of the animals, shall take preventive actions in order to keep them away from any harm, and particularly respect the following:

  1. Have the required experience and scientific knowledge in the animals’ needs based on their species, their development rate, adaptability, domestication, and their needs in conformity.
  2. Hand the pets they wish to abandon to the competent department or authority.
  3. Inspect the animals which are in their care and under their supervision at least once a day, and check their conditions.

Article 4 – The right for the animals to move freely

The animals shall be provided with enough space to fulfill their needs when their movements are either permanently or temporarily limited in conformity with what is stated in the regulations and decisions issued by the Ministry .

Article 5 – The constructions and the animals’ accommodations


  1. The materials used to build the facilities and the tools that the animals shall be in contact with shall not be harmful , but free from any source of pollution, easy to clean and to disinfect completely .
  2. Animals that are not raised in constructions shall be provided with shelter from weather change, predatory animals, from any danger threatening their health; they should have access to an adequate sleeping place with the adequate system of waste disposal.

Article 6 – Animals feeding

The animals shall be fed with the fodder suitable for their age and species and in sufficient quantities to keep them in good health and fulfilling their needs for food. They shall be either enabled to reach constantly the appropriate source of water, or provided with their needs of pure water on a daily basis.

Article 7 – Animals’ transportation


The animals shall be transported in a way that ensures their safety; furthermore, they shall not be exposed to injuries or harm and follow the Law states the conditions and specifications to be met when loading, transporting, unloading, and feeding the animals during their transportation.

Article 8 – Animals’ treatment

  1. Should the treatment of the animal cause pain, fear, or irritation, then the vet or the specialist shall interfere.
  2. All the surgeries that the animals shall undergo, shall be carried out under general or local anesthesia and in a place fully equipped for the kind of surgery.

Article 14 – Penalties

  1. Shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than one month and to a fine of not less than five thousand Dirhams , he who shall sexually abuse the animal .
  2. Shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year and to a fine not less than five thousand Dirhams , or to one of these penalties the person who releases an infected animal when being aware of that .
  3. Shall be sentenced to a fine not exceeding twenty thousand Dirhams, the person who violates the other obligations set by virtue of the provisions of this Law, as well as those set in its implementing regulations and decisions.

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