How do we calculate property price ranges?

Driving property price transparency: one property ad at a time.

The ‘dubizzle estimate’ will help property seekers get a indication on current property prices in the market and help agents set prices with owners for properties being put up for rent & sale in the UAE.

This is a step towards driving price transparency in the market. Every property ad will now have an estimated price range position right under the ad’s title (see below.) This calculation is based on all the property ads posted on dubizzle in the past 3 months.

How do we calculate these property price ranges?

The dubizzle estimate – Factors taken into account:

  • Property ads in the same community (example. Reem Island or Dubai Marina…)
  • Property ads placed in the last 30 days
  • No. of bedrooms of the property
  • Size of the property (give or take 2.5% difference in sqft of unit)
  • Range showcased is the 40th & 60th percentile of properties with the above criteria (outlier prices excluded)

Screenshot 2015-04-28 14.52.51

Spotlight photo by: Anique Ahmed Naseeruddeen

  • Caetano

    Not the best way, Dubizzle. Your indicator price does not take into account premium for the higher floors, the views (or lack of it), and the improvements done on the property. Your indicator price then turns of serious buyers who think that the property is overpriced!

  • A.T

    this index is not reflecting the real price/rent of a property, hence people are taking this as benchmark for the price without looking to other factors or the property, such as the age of the property, floor, view, whether there is an ongoing contraction nearby, etc.
    I suggest you add new tabs for the agents/owners when they list their property to really reflect the realty such as (age of the property, floor, view, whether there is an ongoing contraction nearby) not just an overall number

  • Khalid

    Because of the location of my apartment on the Dubai-Sharjah border, your estimator miscalculated the location of my apartment on the opposite side of Taawun St, missing the true value and rent range for my apartment by more than 20%
    Please look into your map locator, it does not include my building under Sharjah Nahda, it places it in the desert !
    I hope the management of Dubizzle will address this bug soon. I am loosing many clients to this bug. The value for money for placing this add was unfortunately negative.

  • Samir

    Dubizzle; you dont have the right to give your estimation of the properties.
    So you looks you are supported the landlords.

  • Sakina Syed

    the estimates provided are not correct and can not be relied on. Same as the location map during listing has issues the estimated prices mentioned are not at all correct and just misleads the users. As a landlord I want to give my whole apartment on rent for monthly basis to a family for mid term purposes. However dubizzle only shows pricing on an yearly basis to the customer thereby confusing them completely. We get a whole bunch of irrelevant calls due to this small error on the website.This issues should be fixed ASAP.