What’s happening at Gitex 2018

What’s happening at Gitex 2018

Ever thought of technology reading your emotions, or of robots playing basketball? Do you fancy having a bionic hand? How about playing detective with the ability to interpret everything being said in a different language?
As everything is virtually possible with technology, we can witness firsthand how gadgets as inanimate as they are, have acquired characteristics once unique to living beings alone.

This and more are what Gitex 2018 brings to an ever excited public.

Cool innovations
Say it with feelings

Although technology can help us communicate feelings of happiness and excitement through written words or emojis, we have not known it to translate emotions based solely on our voice. It now does! Artificial Intelligence (AI) can read emotions simply from our tone. There’s no escaping the saying ‘It’s not what you’ve said but how you said it’.

Be a language expert

If learning foreign languages is not your expertise, you don’t have to worry much about it anymore as a simple earpiece will allow you to translate a different language in real time. Now everyone is a polyglot.

Technology on the catwalk

Technology has taken a new form by entering the wonderful world of fashion. Bots have been designed to help predict what fashion designs would trend. It’s time for anyone to make their mark on the runway! All the maths and data are pooled to help you create that perfect designer collection.

The perfect free-throw

The robot designed to beat your most favorite NBA player from the free-throw line is in town. What can we say? When it comes to precision and accuracy, nothing, unfortunately, beats a robot, even in sports.

The Iron Man Hand

It is mindblowing to see bionic hands and legs that are for real. In the past, prosthetics were very clunky and didn’t offer much practicality. Now, however, people with augmentations have prosthetics available that are not only functionally rewarding but are also comfortable for the users.

Prototypes that rock

You will have your fill of different prototypes from car windows that act as entertainment-packed touch-screen devices to lightweight lunar landers to pods that will give you a full health check. No more multiple visits to the hospital. What more can you ask for?

Industry Insights

Meet the person who started it all. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be there to introduce how the internet can further be reinvented with the empowerment of direct internet users.
There will be endless free sessions from techsperts and techpreneurs who will be sharing exclusive insights as well as other tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of your gadgets.

Playgrounds for the young and not so young

Electronic playgrounds are available for you to touch and feel the consoles and accessories. A five-day blitz of video tournaments will allow you to show off your skills in different video games such as in Fifa and Fortnite.
You can also take that Ghost Protocol’s leap from the top of Burj Khalifa. You are doing so anyway through virtual reality. So jump all you can. You can respawn anytime anyhow. Experience the thrill without the fear.

‘Experience Future Urbanism’

Image Credit: Gitex

With over 100 countries and 4,000 exhibitors participating in this year’s most prominent consumer technological trade show, the World Trade Center is your access into the future. But hurry as this is only until the 18th of October 2018.
With reduced ticket prices and free parking plus the chance to win big prizes which include trips abroad, you have all the reasons to be at the World Trade Center for Gitex 2018.

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