Want to get up to 15x more replies on your ad? Feature it.

Want to get up to 15x more replies on your ad? Feature it.

Yeah that’s right. Up to 15x more replies. We got your attention didn’t we? In that case, without further ado: We’re excited to launch a new feature on dubizzle that many of you have asked us for:

You can now feature your ad and it will be pinned to the top of the page!

These new featured ads are available for any ad you place under classifieds, community, and jobs wanted. So whether you’re selling an item, a service, or you’re looking for a job, you will get noticed faster!

Your benefits:

1) Stay on the top of the page


When you feature your ad, it will go to the top of the page. Pretty amazing stuff. The further up your ad is, the more people see it. Like on google. Only that a group of highly qualified, light sensitive and therefore easily scared ninja web monkeys have built it.


2) Get up to 15x more replies on your ads


Whether calls, SMS, whatsapp, email, carrier pigeon, sudden house visits, taps on the shoulder or a message in a bottle, get ready for some serious action on your ad!


So with all this wisdom, what do you do next?


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    Under the service category, how do i make sure that my listing is on TOP of other paid contractors?

  • Muhammad iqbal

    dubizzle account is often inactive , there should be a way to re active account after getting necessary info

  • Rami

    I would like to know, How can i Make my AD On the Top I’m trying but i can’t

  • Muhammad Imran

    i have question that how i can featured in my account so I remain on first page , tnx

  • Ammir

    hi the suction services has no image attachment option i dont understand why its not worth paying the money for the Feature if you cant put images on it plus you dont have suction for car rentals

  • Marbles Care

    Your article really amazing to read this is my first visit and please share this type of article it also provides information. And I would like to thanks for this information that I had been looking. Regards

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