Take The Challenge: Run, Jog and Cycle for A Purpose

Take The Challenge: Run, Jog and Cycle for A Purpose

Ever felt like giving up and just sitting down when your feet start to ache from doing your regular jogs, daily walks, or weekly cycling? Now, there’s a deeper reason for you to keep going on, or perhaps to kick-start with some of these activities (if you haven’t started yet). You won’t just be doing these routines for your own health, it will be for a noble purpose. This time, you won’t hesitate to go the extra mile as you’ll be making the effort for others: for refugees from different parts of the world.

How it started

On the 30th of January 2019, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launched the “2 Billion Kilometres to Safety” Campaign in the UAE, where residents are urged to run, walk and cycle in support of refugees all over the world. The UAE government, as well as the local media, have since been in full support of this campaign.  

Every stride has a story

UNHCR shares the stories of real refugees and how they traveled to more secure grounds. Each tale has a name, a face, and a family with their own share of burdens. These stories should encourage aspiring participants to sign up, in order to help those who are still in the process of writing their own victorious endings.  Read the stories of real people who have made it to safer havens, by visiting this page.

Two billion kilometers as the target distance

Two Billion kilometers is the estimated total distance that refugees around the world tread in order to reach shelters. That same number is what participants are expected to complete. But fear not, you won’t be hitting that number on your own! Two billion is the total distance that all participants will be expected to finish. 

You have two ways to count your kilometers:

  1. Simply sync your fitness app to track the kilometers completed.
  2. You can manually set your targets and add the kilometers achieved straight on to the website. Note: 50 km is the maximum pledge per entry.

dubizzle has said yes to the challenge!

Join dubizzle and the millions of others from a total of 27 countries across the globe. Dedicate your kilometers to this movement. The distance you cover serves as a reminder of the obstacles refugees face in their journey to a safer place.  

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to help achieve our target. 

dubizzle dedicated Page: https://stepwithrefugees.org/en-ae/dubizzle/



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