How to take artistic photos with your smartphone

How to take artistic photos with your smartphone

Have you heard about the”Shoot More Artistic Photos with iPhone” workshop at the Apple Store -Mall of the Emirates on Thursday, 28th January? All you need to do is go to Apple’s website and signup for the workshop, and be at their store at 1:15 pm (yes, lunch break…) with your iPhone (Find iPhones on dubizzle here).

What? you don’t want to miss your lunch for that workshop? (me too…) So, we spoke to our creative experts who came up with these tips on how to take artistic photos with your iPhone (or any smartphone with a good camera really).

1. Keep it simple


That’s what most people fail to do. Do not over complicate your photos, keep them simple and clean.


2. Avoid lens flare


Watch out for Lens Flare! They can ruin your pictures and can’t be edited out easily. To avoid that, make sure you don’t face the sun or bright light when taking a photo unless you want to make it a silhouette.


3. Choose the right angle

post-iphone-camera1 (1)

Always take a second and look around to find the best angle. Shooting from a lower angle often gives your photo a better look. If you are taking a photo of a certain object or person, then make sure that you take a photo from the same level of that object or person.


4. Look for reflections


This is an easy and effective trick. Any kind of reflection, mirrors, or water with some waves make your photo looks very artistic.


5. Capture the shadows


We rarely notice shadows in real life, but they always give your photos more unique look.


Inspired? Start taking better photos of these special someone or special moment and not just photos of food and shoes!

If you are looking for smartphones with great camera, you can find them on dubizzle. All you need to do is to download the dubizzle app on your phone (consider this as a bonus tip 🙂 ).




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