Go bargain hunting for high end speakers on dubizzle!

Go bargain hunting for high end speakers on dubizzle!

So I guess we can all agree that really good speakers is something anybody with fully functioning ears appreciates – or even half functioning for that matter.

It’s really one of those things you might want to invest in – all part of surrounding yourself only with things you love. Your music rocks and so should your speakers (or at least until the neighbours get the broom out and start wacking it on the ceiling, but I guess you won’t hear that either).

Just after telling you that we take no responsibility for the functionality of your ear drums or your relationship with your neighbours, here are our favourite speakers. Some pretty pictures. And – of course – prices from dubizzle. Minus the nasty retail price tag.

JBL – entry level but great quality


For something a little more entry level, check JBL on dubizzle. JBL home audio run from AED 700 and docking stations from as little as AED 170.

Bose docking stations and home audio


Bose is definitely one of the favourite names when it comes to awesome home audio. Full surround systems from AED 1,500 and docking stations from AED 500. Bargain hunt for Bose speakers on dubizzle!

Onkyo home audio & docking stations


Onkyo might be less known, however they know their stuff since 1946 and you’re definitely buying quality. Docking stations for iPhone run from as little as AED 300. Browse Onkyo on dubizzle.

Bowers & Wilkins docking stations


Again, a great investment and surprising how much sound comes out of this little speaker. Browse Bowers & Wilkens on dubizzle – this one is priced at AED 1,100.

Bang & Olufsen – the king of high end speakers


Sleek, minimalist, and great great sound. Priced at 8,000 dizzes. Get your hands on Bang & Olufsen speakers on dubizzle!

Beats by Dr.Dre


Now just awesome as headphones, “the pill” how they call it runs from AED 500. Browse Beats by Dr. Dre on dubizzle!

Denon speakers in organic design


For some excellent sound design – find some more Denon speakers on dubizzle. Priced at AED 1,000.

Vintage Diatone speakers


If you’re a bit into vintage, you might be into this Diatone speaker on dubizzle! At just over 6,000 AED this is definitely a collector’s pick!

Strict neighbours? Treat yourself to headphones.


You can find Beats by Dr. Dre on dubizzle for around AED 800 and Bose and Sennheiser are priced from AED 900. Your neighbours will thank you.

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