What to do before selling your mobile phone

What to do before selling your mobile phone

So you wanna sell your phone and get the latest new one? Here are a few steps that the dubizzle geeks recommend before selling your mobile phone:

1. Investigate


Let’s say you’ve put your phone up for sale only to find out the price is too low – then what? Exactly, always check prices of comparable phones with similar specs first.

And it’s easy: You can check and compare prices of mobile phones on dubizzle!

Now what do you do with your phone to keep your data safe? Read on, new found phone friend:

2. Backup


Backing up your data is crucial, (chances are one day your mum will ask you for those holiday shots from 3 years ago, you have been warned!)

If you’re an Apple user you can backup your device using iCloud, or through your computer using iTunes

For Android users, the safest and easiest way is to backup your stuff through your Google account.

3. Wipe it clean


There’s no harm in wiping it clean with a wet napkin, but more importantly removing all your personal stuff: mum’s holiday photos, contacts, private chats, cookies with passwords etc.  

A word of caution to Apple users: First log out of your iCloud account, then on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. If you’re still logged in to iCloud you delete your backup as well!

Android users go to Setting > Backup & Reset. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

4. Strip it down


And with that we mean removing all your personal stuff from the phone:

Start with your SIM card – that will go straight in the new phone! 

We recommend to keep the SD card with you & reuse on your new phone – factory resets don’t delete all the data.

Now if you have any other accessories, you can sell them with the phone or place an ad for mobile accessories separately.

5. Make it presentable


Make sure your phone is clean, and minor defects are repaired. Your phone automatically goes up in value and that definitely makes for a happier buyer.

Now you are all set and good to go. Download dubizzle mobile app now!




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