The psychology of receiving a bad gift

The psychology of receiving a bad gift

So, Christmas is over. You probably received some awesome gifts from your loved ones. We sure hope you received something better than the worst gifts the dubizzle family ever got. Whether it is that (whats a nice way to say ugly? Let’s say, thoughtful) Christmas sweater from your grandma, or those kids’ puzzles (probably an incomplete set) that you got, but you’re actually an adult. Anyways, you still have to try as hard as you can to act happy and surprised, even if its over a pair of socks… So we brought in Dr. Flaminghead, PhD in Psychology from University of dubizzle who explained to us the 3 ways almost all humans (and sometimes pets) act when they receive a bad gift.


The Slick


The slick is a person who receives an unwanted gift and does not show any signs of disapproval. Instead they thank the giver and say something like “Thanks a lot! What a thoughtful gift!” and then wait for a day or two and sell their unwanted gift on dubizzle and buy themselves something they like and would actually use.


The Emotionless


Similar to The Terminator, a person who does not show any emotions while receiving any gifts, and says “I’ll be back…” then goes on to dubizzle to post their unwanted gift. A very popular case among dads and grandpas.


The Announcer

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The person who cannot hold it in and must say something about any bad gift he/she receives. For example “Thanks honey that’s a nice necklace, but it’s not really my style”, and then announces that they will sell it on dubizzle.


Whether you fit the above descriptions or not, Dr. Flaminghead suggests selling your unwanted gifts because it will have a positive impact on the community by making your unwanted items more useful somewhere else.

Dr. Flaminghead also highly recommends downloading the dubizzle app to look out for the unwanted gifts.




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