dubizzle’s featured photographers

dubizzle’s featured photographers


Ahmed Qadri

Ahmed is a published photographer based in Dubai. He specializes in automotive photography, as well as portraits of people and pets. He also dabbles in a combination of travel and street photography whenever he gets the chance to head out and explore this big blue and green marble we all live on. When he isn’t writing about himself in the third person, you’ll find Ahmed either out with friends, playing with his dog (or both) or out coming up with creative ways to push his skill in photography further. Being an animal lover, he also tries his best to help animal-related nonprofit organizations/campaigns by providing his talent in photography to them whenever he gets the chance.

Portfolio: www.ahmedqadri.com

Instagram: @AQurateExposure



Michael R. Cruz

Michael R. Cruz is an award-winning, professional Commercial & Advertising photographer based in Dubai, UAE. His expertise is Fashion photography, Editorial photography, Corporate, 360 VR, Automotive photography and Landscape Photography.

Portfolio: www.cruz.ae

Instagram: @michaelrcruz/



Ibrahim AbdelFattah


I’m a Software Engineer and a coffee junkie, writing code most of the time and every now and then wandering cities and new places, searching for new experiences and cool moments to capture. With an eye on architecture and street shots I started photography as a hobby and now it became a source of peace of mind and happiness.

Portofolio: bingorabbit.com

Instagram: @bingorabbit



Kareem Mazhar


I’m a self-taught photographer with a passion for travelling and exploring new cities. I like shooting cities,landscapes and portraits but my personal favorite is street portraits of people around the world.

Instagram: @keeksawy








Azeem Azeez


Azeem is a photographer based in Dubai who tries to find any excuse to travel or shoot photographs. Having spent most of his life in the U.A.E., he likes to figure out how to shoot this beautiful country in a perspective that most people are not used to. In 2013, Azeem took a photo every day for a year, which has been compiled into a book. Azeem is a geek at heart and loves art. Photography combines these two obsessions perfectly.

Portfolio: azeemazeez.com

Instagram: @azeemazeez





Hany Rabah


I am a developer with a designer background and the passion to fly (I’ve always dreamed to fly like superman :)) Fly to see the world with a different perspective to see the unseen. So running behind my passion I started drone photography 2 years ago just as a hobby to see the world from Eagle eye and as long I fly to take a shot I feel free, I feel the difference. Now every time I use drone I’m thinking about that this should my future Job, Drone Photographer, and as always the best things come from living outside of your comfort zone.

Instagram: @hany.rabah




  • Harsha Mehta

    Hey great pictures you all!

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