Indian and Pakistani expats in top 10 investors in new business & property in Dubai

Indian and Pakistani expats in top 10 investors in new business & property in Dubai

It is a known fact that the ties between India and Pakistan with the UAE is peaceful and strong, making Dubai the number one destination for investors from these countries, especially in the new businesses and real estate sectors.

Top investors by nationalities

Indian and Pakistani nationals were the top nationalities in terms of starting new businesses in January. According to Dubai Economy, more than 1,600 new licenses were issued and 23,626 registration and licensing transactions in January 2018. 58% of the licenses issued were in the commercial license category followed by professional licenses (39.9%) and industrial licenses (1.1%) and tourism licenses (1%)

The top 10 sub-regions with new licenses were:

  1. Burj Khalifa (13.7%)
  2. New Dubai (9.3%)
  3. Al Marar (6.8%)
  4. Naif(4.8%)
  5. Port Saeed (3.7%)
  6. Trade Centre (3.5%)
  7. Hor Al Anz (2.5%)
  8. Al Garhoud (2.4%)
  9. Al Barsha (2.1%)
  10. Al Wasl (1.9%)


The Dubai Economy also listed the top 10 activity licensed:

  1. Trade and repair services (35.1%)
  2. Real estate, leasing and business services (26.2%)
  3. Community and personal services (15%)
  4. Construction (14.7%)
  5. Hotel groups (7%)
  6. Transportation, storage and communications (4.2%)
  7. Manufacturing (2.8%)
  8. Financial brokerage (2.5%)
  9. Contracting (1.2%)
  10. Agriculture (0.8%)

Cross investments

New businesses in Dubai being set-up by Indians and Pakistani expats lead to cross investments back into these investors home countries. Positive synergies in contributing to two economies due to peaceful long-term ties between the countries.

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