Get to know the basics of traffic fines in the UAE

Get to know the basics of traffic fines in the UAE

Driving in the UAE is relatively easy compared to other countries due to the impeccable road infrastructure. The strict rules and regulations set in place by the UAE road traffic authorities ensure the safety of all road users and are expected to be abided by. If you find yourself facing a traffic violation, we have compiled a guide on what these mean and how you can clear your name if you have been imposed with one.

What are the kinds of traffic violations I can get in the UAE?

There are different types of traffic offenses including speeding violations, parking violations, reckless driving violations, and vehicle violations. The most common penalties usually come from driving over the set speed limit, using a mobile phone or being distracted while driving, failure to wear seatbelts, parking in a wrong spot, or failing to pay for paid parking. The penalties for these fines vary based on the severity of the violation. Here is a list of traffic violations you might not be aware of. 

How do car fines work?

There are several cameras, radars, and traffic police on the UAE roads to monitor traffic and capture any offenses made in order to ensure the road decorum is safe. When you commit a traffic offense, you will receive a fine – the amount will vary depending on the type and severity of the offense. For more serious offenses, you will receive a fine plus black points and may have your vehicle confiscated and impounded from 7-90 days.

 What are the black points?

Black points are stiff penalties assigned to a drivers’ license when the driver is found in violation of certain traffic laws. If you accumulate a total of 24 black points, you can face your license being revoked and ban them from driving any kind of vehicle for a whole year. If you are caught committing a traffic violation, the traffic police will automatically add the black points to your traffic file within 48 hours, and a notification is usually sent to you via SMS on the issuance of the points and a fine. You can check the black point on your driver’s license and pay your dues on the Dubai Police traffic fines payment portal or the official RTA website if you have a Dubai issued license. If you have an Abu Dhabi license you can pay your fines on the Abu Dhabi Police portal, Sharjah Road and Transport Authority for Sharjah license holders, and the Ministry of Interior website for any other Emirate. For severe misdemeanors, there are penalties like confiscation of vehicle or jail time for a certain period of time in addition to the fines and black points.

Can I reduce my black points?

Once you get black points, there are very few options to get rid of them other than wait for a year to pass when they will be automatically removed from your file. If you’ve hit the 24 black points mark, there is nothing that can be done other than have your license suspended for a certain period, ranging from 3 months to a year. Along with the suspension of the license, those who accumulate 24 black points also need to take a driving course and pass a test by the Emirate’s traffic authority. However, if you still have less than 23 black points, you can enroll in redemption classes offered by the traffic police department to help brush off some black points off your license. The Dubai and Abu Dhabi police offer awareness courses to reduce up to 8 black points.

What happens if my car is confiscated?

Your car can be impounded in the UAE for several reasons, including parking illegally, jumping a red signal, speeding, having a noisy engine, and illegally modifying your car. When a car is confiscated, it is usually towed to an impound lot for the duration of the impound period. You also have the option of smart impound where at a fee of AED 15 per day, your car stays in your custody and you get the liberty to choose the vicinity of where the car is impounded. Smart impounded cars are installed with a device that tracks the vehicle’s movements to alert the police if the car has moved during the period of confiscation. Additionally, you can also opt to pay against the impound or end the impound early at AED 100 a day for the impound period, along with the fines.

Ultimately, the easiest way to avoid fines, black points, and confiscation is to be aware of the laws and drive carefully, abiding by all the traffic rules in the UAE. If you follow simple rules such as wearing your seatbelt and not being distracted by your phone while driving, you can keep your traffic fines and black points at bay, and more importantly, keep yourself and other road users safe.

 Here is a complete list of all the traffic violations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the penalties that entail them.