dubizzle app just made buying and selling much faster

dubizzle app just made buying and selling much faster

With the new year celebrations behind us, we decided here at dubizzle to bite in to the whole “New Year-New Me” thing with some new features on our mobile app.

So what’s new?

For starters, your dashboard now looks like this. You can now see that we’ve added a couple of new options to your app menu on the top right. Come on now, let’s take you through these & figure out what all the hype is about.

Email? Phone? How about you chat instead..

Yes. You read right. Now you’ve got the option to send a quick “hello” to whomever’s posting your item of choice, & get down to it instead of sending an email & waiting for a reply. The message in return, will send a push notification to whomever is on the receiving end. Trust us, they’ll already be glued to the phone waiting for that next message to come through.

Nothing like a potential sale to make your night all the more better, no?

Keeping track of your chats

No, of course we won’t have you visiting each ad again to keep up with the chat. Just head to My Chats on your menu, and you’ll see all your chats sorted in one place, and because we don’t expect you to memorize names, the subject line for each chat is specified based on the title of the item you’re interested in.

Pretty neat yea?

Not ready for chatting yet? Need some time?

We get it. If you’re not ready to make a move yet, you can just add items to your favorites by just clicking on that fancy star right there in the corner.

So where do find all these items you’ve been just flirting with?

You’re ready to make a move!

Whether you’ve made your mind or not, the Favorites tab let’s you check out the items you’ve added to that same list.

More features?

Imagine you came across an item that you’ve really enjoyed? You can now visit the poster’s profile and see what else they’re selling. Who knows, you could just get a full pre-loved  bedroom from just one person with just one click. Sounds convenient? You know it.

If you’re wondering why you these new features are not showing up on your application, then chances are you haven’t updated dubizzle on your mobile for a while. You know what to do.

Happy dubizzling!

If you’re reading this & you’re still using dubizzle on your desktop, then it’s time to make a move, download the dubizzle app, & start making moves on the move.


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