The do’s and don’ts of UAE in Ramadan

The do’s and don’ts of UAE in Ramadan

If you recently moved in to the UAE and start hearing and reading “Ramadan Kareem”, I bet the first thing that’d come to your mind is “What is Ramadan? And who is Kareem that everyone keeps mentioning?”

Ramadan is the ninth month of  the Hijri (Islamic) Calendar, and the month which the Holy Quran ( the central religious text of Islam) was first revealed. It is also the month were Muslims fast from break of dawn to sunset. Fasting has two aspects, physical and spiritual, in which you should refrain from food, drink, and intimacy as well as blameworthy thoughts and acts such as foul language, vain talk, and hurtful behavior.

During this month, there are a certain do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

The do’s


1. Get into the charitable spirit

A lot of people get too caught up with the commercial aspect of Ramadan that they forget Ramadan is the time where the less fortunate get to share the wealth.A large chunk of ones salary is expected to go to charity during the time of Ramadan.

2. Be understanding

As it is the most special month in a Muslim’s calendar people should be understanding that it’s a time when focus is on religion more so than work.

3. Invited to Iftar? Go for it!

4. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Suhour tents around the city.

5.Try fasting a day or two if you usually don’t.

You’ll feel great afterwards – it’s a great way to detoxify your body.

The don’ts


1. Don’t wear revealing or tight clothes in public – includes heading for a night out.

2. Don’t smoke, drink,chew gum or eat in public.

3. Don’t swear or use any foul language in public.

4. Don’t dance or sing in public.

5. Try to avoid the following with Muslim colleagues/clients:

  • Meetings which include lunch.
  • Meeting extending after 5 PM.
  • Department parties or social events during Ramadan.
  • Avoid loud music at anytime: car, beach, or home.

Most major night clubs will be shut, but bars will generally be open after 7pm. There is also no live music and nothing above quiet background music in bars and pubs.

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