7 ways to make some extra money at home

7 ways to make some extra money at home

Thanks to the technology and tools we have today, earning from home is not as difficult as it used to be. While a side income is always handy, many have actually quit their day jobs to make money from home. If you know where to look, there are a plethora of opportunities out there.

So, if you are looking for ways to boost your income, the following ideas on how to make money from home might be useful. Let’s take a look at seven simple and quick methods that can help you increase your earning through an additional income stream. 

Sell your old or unused belongings

A girl taking a photo of a denim jacket
Take a good picture to get a better price

Scanning through your belongings and having a clear out can be a quick and easy way to make money from home. You may have a spare TV, an old digital camera, an old laptop or a coffee table you don’t use anymore. Items that no longer serve you might just be the items someone else is looking for. 

Other than old appliances and furniture, selling garments and accessories is very popular. We are all guilty of owning a piece of clothing or accessory that we bought on a whim but never really used it. It may also be a gift that doesn’t fit or simply doesn’t appeal to you. Instead of throwing away such unwanted clothes or forgotten accessories, you can sell them online. Dig through your wardrobe to find clothes, shoes, or bags you don’t wear or no longer want and put them up on an ecommerce platform. 

Besides, if you have expensive course books, you can also sell them online. Many students cannot afford first-hand books and are always looking for an opportunity to save some money by buying second-hand books. 

Make the most of online selling opportunities and place an ad on dubizzle to sell your used furniture, electronics, clothing and accessories, and everything in between. Numerous users search for pre-loved items on a daily basis, so don’t let your unused items go to waste. 

Become a freelancer

Another sure shot way to make money from home is by becoming a freelancer. If you are skilled in areas such as writing, graphic design, photo or video editing, application development, animation, social media management, or language translation, there may be a plethora of freelancing opportunities for you. 

Selling your skills on online freelancing platforms is fast becoming a choice among skilled individuals looking for an additional income stream. You can also post your availability on social media groups and sign up on freelance marketplaces such as dubizzle, Nabbesh, Utalenta, and Fiverr. Set up a profile and list your services to secure more projects. 

Before you sign up, research on the standard rates or the task on your selected website and set a price based on your experience and expertise. These websites allow you to gradually build a professional portfolio that will eventually help you get better gigs. 

Please note that if you’re looking to freelance in the media you need to apply for a freelance permit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,  Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman.   

Teach skills online

Create an online course
Monetize your knowledge online

If you specialize in a specific field, you can create an online course and monetize your knowledge or skills. For example, if you’re a trained web writer, you can teach new writers how to devise perfectly optimized and readable web content. If you’re bilingual, you can teach a language. If you play a musical instrument well, you can give online music lessons, and the list goes on. 

You can promote your course through social media channels, online groups, and online academic communities. You can make a vlog or set up a YouTube tutorial to guide people online. With the advent of technology, online teaching has become a more interactive process where students can directly ask questions during a live session.

It’s worth noting that paid courses aren’t the only way to monetize your knowledge or skill. With a little knowledge of digital marketing, you can make money even through free online courses. Generally, people use Google AdSense to monetize their online content. If you are new and not well aware of AdSense or any other monetization tool, you can always seek professional help. 

Test websites and apps 

Another way to earn from home is by testing websites and apps before launch. There are companies that actually pay if you test their website and give them your valuable feedback. Such companies are always looking for people to test the overall look and functionality of newly developed websites and applications. 

The feedback of beta testers is extremely valuable as user experience is a crucial factor behind the success of any app or site. Generally, these companies want honest reviews from people who are internet savvy. You need to test how user-friendly their site is, how appealing the layout looks, and other factors such as loading speed and functionality. 

Testing apps and websites to make some cash is a worth-considering side hustle for IT students. However, anyone with a decent knowledge of technology may be a good candidate for such tests. 

Rent the unused portion of your home

A key for rental property in Dubai
Make money by renting out the vacant portion of your house

Another useful method to make money from home is by renting out a portion of your house. If you have a multi-story house or have rooms that are not in use, you can simply put an ad on dubizzle for renting your property.

Many people who visit UAE for career prospects don’t mind shared accommodation as it is a highly affordable option. The market for rent-seekers is always ripe in the country. No matter how big or small space may be, you will always find someone willing to settle there.  

Start a blog or a vlog

With platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, blogging is now turning into vlogging (video blogging) and bloggers have become influencers. If you know how to keep your audience engaged, you can build a huge following and earn extra cash with your content. 

For some people, it is just a side-hustle while some pursue it as a full-time profession. Whatever the case e, once your blog is known to a wider audience, brands actually request you to review their products, starting from clothes to skincare products to electronics and much more. 

Brands might even approach you for paid promotion of their products and share a portion of the revenue generated through sales redirected from your blog. To sum it up, not only will you be getting new freebies, but you will also be paid for trying out those free products.

Set up a home-made food delivery service  

A woman adding salt to a dish
A great recipe to make extra money at home

With more and more awareness about healthy eating, the trend is shifting from fast food options to homemade food. So if you’re a great chef, there are enormous earning opportunities for you to explore. For starters, you can put up pictures of your food and quote a price on food review pages and groups. 

You can also set up a social media page yourself and market your culinary skills with appealing photos of the food you prepare. Once people find you, you can then either ask them to collect food from your doorstep or deliver it to them on your own. You can also list yourself on online food delivery apps to get more orders. 

Asking your friends working in companies to promote your food is also not a bad idea. A word of mouth goes a long way for home-based ventures.  

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