7 strangest things seen on dubizzle in 2017

dubizzle has always been the home of the weird and the wonderful. I mean where else can you find something as random as used iPhone boxes on the go? And yes, people would buy it (True story!)

We have collected 7 of the most random items which we found on dubizzle throughout the years (The clips and images used in the video are stock images for illustrative purposes only)

Golden Frog

Yep, that golden frog was up for sale on dubizzle for 3,67 million Dirhams (3,672, 950 Dirhams to be exact). Read more here.

Tron Bike

A life-size replica of the Tron: Legacy bike for 165,000 Dirhams. Imagine driving that bike on Sheikh Zayed road with all the towers in the background, that could be a scene from a futuristic movie!  Read more here.

The Batmobile

Just imagine your friends visiting you and find this parked in your garage. It was listed on dubizzle for 3.5 million Dirhams. Read more here.

Amphibious limousine

If you enjoy both driving and boating at the same time, you’d understand the need of this 15 million Dirhams Nouvoyage Tender 33. Read more here.

1 ton of Plastic Bottles

If you ever thought a Dirham is worthless, think again! Because it’s worth a TON… of plastic bottles.

Airbus A340-542 Prestige Plane

Listed for 150 million Dirhams, sounds good in theory but, where would you park it? Read more here

Dinosaur skeleton

For Jurassic Park fans, it’s an 85% complete Apatosaurus which is one of the largest in the world. going for 88 million Dirhams. What a bargain! Read more here.

So, if you have that random thing laying at home that you think is unsellable, think dubizzle 😉

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