7 Hacks to transform any small house into your spacious dream home

7 Hacks to transform any small house into your spacious dream home

Both economical and social trends are shifting people towards living in smaller spaces. However, with these hacks, you’ll get the luxury of a spacious house in your small home.

A small apartment does not necessarily mean strict adherence to its contracted space, and it shouldn’t compromise your mood, decor, or sense of coziness in your home. While smaller spaces might not look as comfortable at first, you can always hack it into looking and feeling as good as any spacious one. In fact, with just a few simple tricks, you can transform your apartment, no matter how small, into a spacious, more comfortable one. To achieve this, many details of the decor should be considered, from the right colors, patterns, lighting or other details. Countless easy hacks could help create the illusion of a larger space including:

Pastel colors: Paint the ceiling always in light colors to create the illusion of larger space and a higher ceiling than with a dark-colored ceiling. Apply the same rule for walls and floors. Finally, match the color of some accessories or furniture with the color of the walls to make the place look more spacious.

Patterns: Choose vertical lines patterns for the floor, whether in the carpet or parquet to create the illusion of a larger room. Opt for small pattern fabrics or single color fabrics for furniture and accessories in your small room.

Mirrors: Place large mirrors in certain places in the house in a considered way, by hanging them on the walls or strategically placing them on the ground. This is one of the best tricks to make the house look remarkably more spacious.

Lights: Make use of sunlight to light up the house, natural lights make the place look larger. Yet, even if you lack natural light, you can always add multiple sources of light. This is one of the ideal tricks for turning small rooms into larger ones.

Proportionate furniture sizes:  A small bed in a tiny room makes it look smaller! Opt for a large, elevated bed so that the room looks way larger. There is indeed a common belief that small pieces of furniture are best for small rooms to make them look wider but, at the same time, a few bigger pieces are recommended as a solution for the room to look larger.

Height illusion: Set up a library or cabinets that rise from the floor to the ceiling, they will make the ceiling look higher and will definitely accommodate many items for which it is difficult to find suitable places in the house.

Space illusion: Pull furniture away from the walls to make the room look more spacious. Place furniture in specific corners to create the same illusion. Similarly, do not place accessories and books on all the visible library shelves in a room.  Leave some of these shelved empty to create the illusion of larger space.

In conclusion, a small house is not a dramatic problem, so do not let it restrict your freedom and make you feel uncomfortable to have guests! On the contrary, small details in the decor can make it look larger and more spacious… And some creative tricks can turn the smallest room into a spacious one.

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