5 ways to stay active during Self-Quarantine

5 ways to stay active during Self-Quarantine

Staying home these days can be the perfect way to get you to start the physical activity you were planning to start for so long without  having to stick to a certain schedule. You can take anywhere from 2 to 90 minutes and do whatever you want at whatever pace, tone, and intensity you choose. As long as you remain active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not make excuses to be a couch potato. It can even help to set realistic goals and stick to achieving them. 

Here we provide you with different means to stay active and keep your practice fresh so that you don’t have to resort to doing the same handful of exercises over and over (unless you want to, of course—it is your home practice, after all).


Yoga At home during quarantine

Yoga does not only help you stay relaxed, but it also helps increase muscle strength, stays toned, improves respiration, energy, and vitality, and maintains a balanced metabolism. All you need is to find a spot where it’s peaceful and quiet in your house, with as much space around you as possible. You can decide to pick an online class, a yoga program of a put together  series of classes that fit well together or choose from Playlists of certain instructors you already know. You can choose a practice that counterbalances whatever’s going on—mentally, physically, and emotionally! Remember to prevent any injuries by always watching your boundaries and especially being mindful of your body’s vulnerable areas.


quarantine workouts

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that requires you to work at a fast pace to get your heart rate up from the comfort of your room. You won’t even need to follow a video. All you need to do  is to choose three or four moves and repeat them sequentially, in intervals. Tabata training will raise your metabolism and heart rate in no time, hence helping you burn fat. It also helps you protect your muscle tissue. When you decrease your movement frequency you risk losing muscle which makes you weaker and decreases your metabolism. There are many Tabata workouts to choose from which makes it flexible and convenient for your lifestyle. 

Tip:  Wear sports clothes even if you’re doing it in your bedroom, and make sure to hydrate, as you will be sweating… a lot!

Home gym

work out in quarantine

Whether you are spoiled with an actual large space for a home gym or not, you can always use accessories that are small in size but have great fitness potential to help you achieve your fitness goals. Aim for equipment that is much lighter, so they don’t require much space to be reserved.. Being able to exercise at home gives you the freedom of choosing the right time, exercise type, length, and intensity without having to adapt to the hours of a gym. Machines such as elliptical, exercise bikes and rowing machines are perfect for achieving your full cardiovascular performance. Dumbbells, floor mats, and resistance bands are smaller cheaper equipment that gives you a variety of workouts to choose from. Browse dubizzle’s sports section for equipment within your budget that hit your goals.

Take the stairs

Remember how you have been ditching the stairs and taking the elevator all these years. Well, it is time to befriend them again. Studies have shown that stair climbing is considered vigorous-intensity physical activity and burns more calories per minute than jogging. Just make sure not to use them in times when other neighbors are. Do not touch the handrails as much as possible and have disposable gloves on. Remember the less contact the better.

House Chores

Believe it or not, home chores do help burn a significant number of calories! Studies on physical activity have found that doing household chores can be just as effective as running or working out when it comes to cutting your risk of heart disease and extending your lifespan. So be extra safe and handle chores such as vacuuming, scrubbing the floor or gardening yourself. This way you have achieved both social distancing and your physical activity target

Now it is up to you to choose a vigorous workout or just finish some house chores. It doesn’t matter where and how, the important thing is to move because movement is health and movement is life. 

Visit dubizzle’s blog to find more tips for a happy home and community, or safety and health tips on Covid-19. 
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