5 Useful things to keep you busy while social distancing

5 Useful things to keep you busy while social distancing

The world is practising social distancing, and while that means that you’re doing your part towards the betterment of the community. This also gives you the gift of time to invest in improving yourself.

Enough time has been wasted streaming endless movies, munching on unhealthy snacks, and dwelling on the fact that we are going through a pandemic. It is time to use the gift of undivided time we’ve been given to set our life on track. Think of it as a fresh start, and to kickstart it, here are 5 best of the best things to invest your time in. 

1. Finish reading your book

We all have these books that we’ve started but did not get to finish because of everyday distractions. Well now is the time to complete these readings. And yet even if you’re not reading anything in particular right now, it is advisable to start a new one. Regardless of the genre, reading has positive effects on different aspects of your life. It can help you feel both relaxed and productive, by enveloping you into its content and help you escape reality, while still being informative and leaving you with something to think about. It is even considered to be meditative. 

2. Try online courses

The range is endless! Online courses are all the rave now to amp up your CV and catch up with your industry. Regardless of which career path you pursue, we guarantee that there are recommended online courses to enrich your knowledge. Yet, this doesn’t mean we are in school! There is even a wider range of courses to help you master your hobbies. Cooking, painting, playing an instrument, or even speaking a foreign language all fall under things you love and can finish a course to help you master them. Some of these are even free and will get you addicted to surpass your current abilities by their advanced courses.

3. Declutter… and this includes the ‘Famous Chair”

Clean up that “chair” with all the extra clothes and bam! You’ve got a new place to chill at home. Decluttering your house has many benefits other than the extra space. It helps you reduce anxiety and stress which some may build up with being confined in one place for long while boosting your productivity and creativity. You most probably will discover hidden gems, like gifts from you to yourself. Bonus point for figuring out all the things you never used and/or will lose that you can sell for some extra cash. See more on how and where to sell your things on dubizzle. Just choose a starting point to your clearing zones, play some music, and start picking and clearing!


4. Revive long-distance relationships with family and friends

Social distancing doesn’t mean isolating yourself in your room and cutting ties with the outside world. If anything, this can be your chance to reconnect with people who you do not get to meet in person, let alone your everyday buddies. There are plenty of activities that can be done on your virtual hangouts, so set an invite and get creative! You can go for game nights, WFH catchups, meal prepped lunches, or whatever suits your circle of people best. When you’re feeling isolated, having social engagements to look forward to helps a lot, and it’s also a great way to combat loneliness and general COVID despair. So start setting calls with people all over, and whichever you enjoy the most, consider making it a recurrent meeting.

5. Fix your life routine

Yes, simple as that! A daily calendar is almost impossible to follow on regular days, as you never know what will life throw at you. Sleeping those recommended 8 hours, setting 30- 60 minutes of exercise, or even following a personal care routine can be difficult between work, transportation, kids, and more. Being home allows you to act at your own pace and makes it easier to set yourself and follow a schedule. 

Integrating one or many of these into your life will not only will you be more efficient in all other activities, but you will notice a boost in your day-to-day and long-term energy level.  So ditch your couch, social media addiction, and hours upon hours of doing nothing and get started!

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