5 Tips to refreshing your home decor

5 Tips to refreshing your home decor

As everyone practices physical distancing, people are finding themselves spending more time than they ever have at home. Simply rearranging furniture or by adding an element or two, you can break the monotony, and grab the opportunity to reorganize your home and give it a new look.

Here are 5 simple ways to approach this:

  • Rearrange the Layout


The ideal redecorating does not happen only by replacing or adding elements to your place, as much as by rearranging the furniture and creating passageways through organizing a seamless layout. Try rearranging your furniture around in rooms to maximize floor space and create a bit more flow, so you don’t all feel cramped and free up some spaces where the family can gather to play games and do interesting activities together. Start by choosing one place at a time and spot the movable pieces such as bookshelves, chairs and storage units that you think would look better at another angle or in another corner and are easy to move around.  

  • Create a Workspace

 Whether you will continue to work from home or not, we have realized the importance of having a work designated area at home. It can function as a brainstorming corner for when you need to get your thoughts together and make plans in general. Yet nothing kills productivity and creativity like cramped up spaces. So even if you have a small designated desk, make sure it has ample light and is not gloomy or cluttered.

Use desk accessories such as tidy trays and boxes to maximize the efficiency of storage and create a neat working space.

  • Revamp any Outdoor Areas

Whether its a small patio, a home garden or a balcony, we now more than ever understand the importance of an open-air area. Create a customized get-away by putting the effort to clean and decorate these outdoor areas. You can find quick options to furnish these areas on dubizzle. Getting creative, use the supplies you have at home like planters, vines, and creepers, add fairy lights,

  • Lights’ Magic


A room’s lighting can make or break the game. Play with a mixture of natural, ambient, and task lighting to make the best of your architecture and layout. Maximize the natural light in each room. Place seating in areas with the most daylight and dress around windows rather than cover them up. Add small accent lamps, sometimes with LED bulbs, add pizzazz to bookshelves, and fireplace mantels. A simple torchieres or floor lamps with an upward glow or more traditional shade brighten corners and reading nooks and add extra light to a dark room.

  • Declutter

This is the most suitable time to focus all your energies on your home. Decluttering the space helps you better distinguish what is necessary and what isn’t. Make it as comfortable as possible, as the simple act of cleaning off table-tops, decluttering our bookshelves, organizing our pantries and closets, and cleaning by decluttering a room can have a significant effect. Check out your storage room, basement, or attic for forgotten items that can be used to redecorate your house. By mending some old decor pieces, you can easily turn the trash into treasure and can give a vintage look to your home, incorporating memories into your present. You can sell items that are no longer of use and make some extra cash to reuse into the decorating process.

For more tips on things to do while physical distancing or the latest updates about COVID-19 visit the dubizzle blog.
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