5 things to do during the National Day holiday break

5 things to do during the National Day holiday break

There are a million and one things in store for the National Day holiday break. All you need to do is check for event calendars and venues of those closest to you.

The key to choosing is considering what you really want to do. Every long break should be a perfect time to celebrate your individuality. Here are 5 things you can do during this long weekend:

Light Up Your Night with a Sky Full of Stars

Dubai is known around the globe for its grand display of fireworks. Enjoy a grand ensemble of lights and colors in solitude, with a loved one, with family or with friends.  You may do so after shopping, while dining al fresco or while strolling along the beach. Whatever your age is, watching this spectacle will leave you elated, dreamy and astounded.

A few of the pinpointed locations from where to watch a glorious showcase of fire and lights are La Mer, The Beach in JBR, Dubai Festival City and Al Seef amongst others.

Get A Load of the Nation’s Culture and Arts

Now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the nation’s culture. See, feel and experience firsthand, memorabilia, talents, and novelties as they are showcased in different malls and parks. Be transported to that beautiful era when people lived in heritage villas as you enter actual Bedouin tents. Watch masters of calligraphy in action, see falcons and their trainers, lineup for henna painting and witness a few of the nation’s selected artists as they display their incredible talents in poetry, dance, music, and theatre.    

Make that Road Trip and Barbecue the Night Away

Put that marinated meat into your trunk and drive towards your favorite picnic spot. Don’t forget your tent if you wish to camp overnight. Choose a site backdropped against a beautiful mountainous terrain. The mountain breeze is best felt over the UAE’s winter season. Nowhere in the whole world can you find a winter that just delivers a cool relaxing wind and not a bone-chilling cold.  

Lastly, before entering your tent to snooze, consider lying on the sand and watching the stars that resemble little specs of ivory against a canvass of ebony. Simply romantic.

Your Chance to Play Chef and Invite Friends Over

Yup, the oven, and dishes are calling to you. Bake that cake, whip that cream, saute your veggies, baste that meat and roast that turkey. Friends are coming over and you are the glorious host just waiting to serve your best dishes.  Let them enjoy those sumptuous meals that you Googled and watched on YouTube. But wait, your food may be smelling great, but you don’t want to face your guests smelling like food. Don’t let them see you haggard, weary and tired. Put on your best evening attire and let out the glamor in you. You are after all the glorious host of the eve.

Looking for kitchen equipment that will help you cook the perfect feast? Check out these appliances on dubizzle.

Just chill at home

If you are a homebody, there’s plenty for you to do as well. Have no fear of missing out on all the outdoor activities. You can always shop online and watch the fireworks from the comfort of your home. You might also want to finish that book which you’ve started months ago. You may have already forgotten the plot but you have 4 days to finish it, so, get to it already! Alternatively, just snuggle under a layer of warm comforters while watching your favorite TV series with a mug of hot cocoa and a plate of freshly baked cookies. Yum!  

Go ahead and hibernate. Remember, rest translates to beauty. You will return to work, fully rejuvenated and ever beautiful.


Just a little tip, leave some flexibility in your plans. Be spontaneous! Have that little ‘anything goes’ mindset in you and just ‘go with the flow’.

Whichever way you wish to spend the long break, just remember to celebrate who you are, the unique and beautiful you!

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