5 technologies that shaped your childhood

5 technologies that shaped your childhood

Technology has been evolving so fast that you sometimes lose track and forget what your first mobile was. If you were a kid in the 80’s & the 90’s, you probably witnessed the craziest trends which shaped our childhood. There are hundreds of reasons why kids in the 80’s & 90’s had the best childhood ever, here are just 5 of them:

Walk the walk with Walkman

Kids these days will not understand the struggle of looking for batteries around the house to play your Backstreet boys’ cassette. Remember how you used to trade cassettes with your friends before the whole Pokémon cards trading phase. I think it’s safe to say that the Walkman is the father of the Discman and the iPods too!

Keep the Tamagotchi alive!

There are probably a 100 reasons why the “original virtual reality pet” is one of the most memorable things from the 90’s. The keychain pet was the first time you learned how to take care of some kind of creature all by yourself. We are all guilty of sneaking them into school (and getting in trouble) as well connecting your Tamagotchi to your friends’ so you can play games and exchange gifts (via infrared communication.)

The Atari; gamers’ first love

Whether you are team PlayStation or team Xbox, I think we all agree that Atari was the reason you fell in love with gaming. No matter how pixilated the graphics were, all you needed was a little imagination and BAM! A yellow head IS chased away by ghosts! One might ask “What about the Sega and the Nintendo 64?” Well, these were amazing too but they wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the Atari.

Good ol’ Windows 95

Well, if you were born in the late 80’s you’ll know what computer we are talking about; the “retro” computer with a boxed screen and the Windows 95 that would take a couple of minutes to load up. Oh, and remember the amazing symphony you had to listen to every time you wanted to connect to the internet? Dial-up! I don’t want to reignite family feuds that happened because they wanted to use the phone and disconnect the internet.

The always fashionable Casio watch

Remember the James Bond feeling you get changing the TV channels using your watch without anyone noticing? How about the one with the calculator that made you feel like Einstein solving the “very difficult calculus problems” in class? It’s all thanks to the Casio watches!

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