3 things you should do before buying a preloved phone

3 things you should do before buying a preloved phone

There are three main reasons why you’d want to buy a phone, when you want to upgrade your phone or your phone is beyond repairing, or you want to sell your old mobile phone. Either way, it’s time to look for a phone.

And when you find an awesome deal on dubizzle, there are a couple of things you need to check before you do the handshake you see in commercials.

Check the market price

Firstly, you’d want to check the average prices on dubizzle. You might also want to check the average new price because let’s be honest, you want to show off to your friends how you found this amazing deal on dubizzle.

Check if the phone is genuine

There are multiple things you’ll need to check to make sure that the phone is not a fake/replica. The easiest way to do it is to check the IMEI which is a unique number assigned to every mobile phone (think of it as the phone’s fingerprint) and match it with the number on the box. To check the IMEI, dial *#06#. You can also check the phone at the nearest Authorised Service Centre (you can agree to meet the seller there to save time). If you are planning on buying an iPhone, you can easily check the if the phone is genuine by entering the serial number on Apple’s Website : Check Your Service and Support Coverage

Check the condition of the phone

Do a physical examination of the phone. Look for any scrathes, crackes, or dents on the body. Make sure that all ports are working. Don’t be afriad to put your SIM card and make a call to test the clarity, you can also test the touchscreen while browsing the internet with the phone, and while you’re at it check the GPS by opening maps.

Samsung has a cool feature to check and test the hardware function of the phone, type in *#0*# and you’ll be able to test multiple functions such as the touch screen, the sensor, and the speaker.

And when you get that amazing deal, start setting it up and download your favorite apps, one pops up in my mind right now 😉


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