10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

December 25 is around the corner, and you’re probably running late on that Christmas shopping list. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 10 last-minute gifts that might just save you this Christmas:

Vintage Vinyl Records


Sharing music has always been one of the greatest gifts of all time. With today’s rapid internet sharing, what better way to surprise your friend than with some classic Kool & the Gang or Diana Ross records?



Gifting someone a book suitable for their personality is the surest way of showing someone just how much you care. Whether it’s just for kicks or for the little hidden meanings in between the lines, it’s never too late to pick up a copy of Jane Eyre for that special someone.

Home Decoration & Antiques


We all have that one friend who’s changing apartments and worrying about just everything with no time for the little things. A small house-warming painting might just do the trick and cozy up that new apartment!

Music Instruments


It’s never too late to pick up a music instrument, after all “Anyone can play guitar”!



Your sure-shot to becoming aunt/uncle of the year is simply by showing up with toys!

Outdoor Sports Stuff


With the weather pulling everyone outdoors, why not explore giving that adrenaline junkie friend of yours some outdoor sports equipment…

Massage Chair


It’s almost the end of the year and we all deserve to pamper ourselves every now and then; what better way than to give a friend a massage chair to help them unwind in 2017

Clothing Accessories


Traveling comes hand in hand with the holiday season. How about a small travel bag for that friend visiting home for the new year?



The friend circle always has a couple of retro-heads, and rest assured that a vintage radio is never a bad idea to add to the collection.

Games for home


It goes without saying; When in doubt, darts!


You’re officially sorted for the holiday season! For more ideas on Christmas gifts browse through the various items listed on dubizzle.

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