5 outdoor places to exercise in Dubai

Winter in Dubai is the ideal time to take your workout alfresco and get active in the great outdoors. So we spoke with Jonny Young, Founder of Fitness In DXB who shared his top 5 places to work out in Dubai, from running along Kite Beach to yoga at Skydive Dubai:

Skydive Dubai Bar Park

Image Credit: smilelikenina.com

One of the region’s most awesome outside workout spaces has to be Skydive Dubai (just next to Zero Gravity). It’s a huge playground for big kids and adults too! It’s completely FREE to use the gym area and even has outdoor lighting in the early evening.

With punch bags, tires to flip, climbing ropes, boxes, sprint track, monkey bars, and plenty of grass area for you to dream up a really cool work out. You can also take your own equipment to exercise there. And don’t forget to check out the weekly workouts through independent group organizers including hard-core boot camps and chilled out yoga.

Kite Beach

Another much-loved winter hangout, Kite Beach, is jam-packed with activities for all ages, including a 15k cushioned running track, beach volleyball, water sports including kite surfing.

A firm favorite from the Fitness In DXB community is paddle boarding at sunrise and you’ll also spot a few of the top Dubai yogis practicing right there on Kite Beach. Don’t forget there’s even an adventure playground and skate park to keep the kids entertained while you relax and enjoy some well deserved me time.

Al Qudra Cycle Track

Image Credit: thenational.ae

One for professional cyclists and also amateurs too. The Al Qudra Bike Track is truly one of the most breath-taking sunrises in Dubai. It is located at the northern end of Al Qudra road, and this beautiful track has loops of up to 84km.

A true pedal power paradise, with locations to hire bicycles for around AED 75. If this is something that you’d ‘wheelie’ like to try, check out the Dubai roadsters and get involved in a cycling group, their website will direct you through all the different cycle paths you can enjoy around Dubai.

Dubai Sports City

Image Credit: sport360.com

This place put the S in sport. You can get involved in almost any activity that you can think of, including football, golf, cricket, netball, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis. There’s even a full running track for those who see themselves as a bit of a Usain Bolt.

Al Barsha Park

Another popular location for training (soon to be you) is Al Barsha Park. Spread across 162 hectares this is a great place for all the family. First of all, it’s beautiful and green, but on top of that it also has some great fitness facilities; it has a measured jogging track, outdoor gym equipment, football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts and more. Al Barsha Park is also a hotspot for yoga classes, some of which are even FREE!

Jonny’s last and final tip is to keep an eye on dubizzle for great value gym and sports equipment. It’s great for spotting brand new and hardly used gems, which will enhance your workout.

For those of you that don’t know Fitness In DXB, it’s a digital platform showcasing everything to do with fitness and health, in and around Dubai. Driven by Instagram and the passion behind Jonny and the team, the Fitness In DXB community has organically grown over three years, with the #FitnessInDXB hashtag has been used more than a 100,000 times.

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