What’s the loudest car on dubizzle?

What’s the loudest car on dubizzle?

The loudest car on dubizzle

We teamed up with Deals On Wheels and Exotic Cars to find the loudest car on dubizzle! While the loudest of a sound can somewhat be up for debate, we decided we were taking no chances in the process. This video was produced in collaboration with 21dB Acoustic Solutions to accurately measure the sound of each car to the decibel.

So which one is the loudest car?

We performed tests on 4 cars courtesy of Exotic Cars and Deals On Wheels, & here are some of the contenders:

Lamborghini Aventador

Score: 126.9dB

Loudest car on dubizzle

Ferrari F12

Score: 121.2 dB

Loudest car on dubizzle

Ashley Cobra

Score: 130.4 dB

Loudest car on dubizzle

Let’s put things into perspective…

Sure the numbers look cool, but let’s compare these findings to some of our day to day home appliances, & understand just how loud these cars are:

  • Refrigerator: 50 db 
  • Washing machine: 50 – 75 dB
  • Vacuum cleaner: 60 – 85 dB
  • Food Blender: 80 – 90 db 

If we were to compare the Ashley Cobra (130.4) to the loudest commercially available food blender (90 db), we would find the Cobra is 13 times louder than your loudest home appliance. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

About 21 dB

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Loudest Car on dubizzle

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