Top 5 things to know when buying your first car in the UAE

Top 5 things to know when buying your first car in the UAE

The UAE is known as the land of dreams, limitless opportunities, and, of course, cars! Cars, here in the Emirates are not just a mode of transportation that takes you from point A to B, they are a lifestyle and a status symbol. Buying your first car is a big commitment and there are many options to choose from – whether you’re looking for a brand new or used car, you are spoilt for choice.

The average length of car ownership in the UAE before people sell it and upgrade to a newer model is less than three years. This means you will likely find a car that suits your needs off the secondhand market for a fraction of the price of buying brand-new. There is nothing worse than dinging your car while you get accustomed to driving on the UAE roads, so starting off with a used car might make more sense.

Here are the top five essential tips you need to know that will help you purchase your first car;

1.Request the seller for a full-service history:

We all know the key to maintaining a car in tip-top condition is to get it serviced regularly. Make sure to ask the seller for the service history of the car. It is advised to choose a car with complete service history, so you know exactly when the last service date was, and the total kilometers traveled. The lack of a service history raises several red flags, so if the potential seller doesn’t give you one or gives an incomplete service history, it is better to just move on and look for another car with the full report.

2. Examine the car inside out:

Before you buy a used car, make sure to meet up with the seller, see the car in person, and inspect it thoroughly. Look out for signs that may show the car has been in any accidents. Keep an eye out for misaligned body panels, check for body fillers by placing a magnet on the outer body or use a paint meter to check for paint jobs. Any signs of fading, rusting, dents or scratches are an indication that the car is not in its original paint and may have previously been in an accident. Apart from the bodywork, examine the tires and brakes. Make sure that all four tires are from the same brand, not worn down, and are in great condition. Feel free to step inside the car and take a seat. See if the odometer’s been tampered with to show a lower reading by comparing it to the documents as well as to the age of the car. While you’re at it, check the condition of the seats, whether the interior’s been refurbished, if the radio works, etc. Make sure to play around with the switches inside the car to see if they all work well. Though these may not seem that important, all of these tiny faults could be used to drive the price lower

3.Take a look at the mechanics of the car:

Make sure to examine under the hood of the vehicle to see any oil seepage and flash a light deep down the engine bay to see the color of the engine fluids. Keep an eye out for any rusting or smoke. Since most of the people buying cars aren’t professional technicians, this process is best done by a certified mechanic. We can help with this through our dubizzle pro services, or you can take the car to your nearest petrol station that has a service center for a quick check.

4.Take the car for a short spin:

This step is an absolute must. Before you decide to buy a used car or a new one for that matter, make sure to take your potential car out for a proper test drive. Though you might have scanned the service history, exterior and interior of the car, a test drive is the quickest way to determine how well the car performs. There is a high chance that test driving the car around a few blocks can highlight any lingering issues. During the test drive, make sure to see if the lights and indicator signals are working well and if the gears shift smoothly. Keep an eye out for any odd noises, especially when driving over speed bumps or turning. Notice if the AC works well enough to survive the heat of the summer. You can also check for leaks in the car by parking it at a clean spot and keeping it running for 30 seconds and seeing if there are any fluid spills.

5.Get the car professionally checked:

Once you’ve shortlisted the car(s) you’re interested in, you should take it for a full professional checkup to ensure the car’s safety and roadworthiness. Tasjeel, a government agency, conducts a 50-point examination for AED350 to make sure that the vehicle is mechanically and cosmetically sound. Alternatively, if you want to take extra measures, dubizzle pro provides a 240-point check to make sure the used car you’re buying is in perfect condition and provides the used car buyers with a detailed report about the condition of the vehicle, the insurance history, vehicle owner history, and other extensive information.

With these steps, you can ensure you get a great deal while buying a pre-owned car. Check out dubizzle for our extensive list of pre-owned cars all over the UAE. Good luck with buying your new car and drive safe!
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