The Smarter Way to Buy Your Next Car

The Smarter Way to Buy Your Next Car

So you’re looking to buy your next car.  But you don’t have a budget to go out and buy a brand spanking new one from the dealer.

Thankfully though we’re blessed in the UAE as we have one of the largest, most dynamic and extensive used car markets in the world with over 205,893 cars advertised on dubizzle in 2015 alone. I mean how often will you get 23 Bugatti’s listed on the same website and the same year anywhere else?

So where do you start? Buying a used car is always a risk but the level of risk can be greatly reduced if you follow our 3 things to look for when viewing a used car.

Check the paint


Everyone who has owned a car and lived here has experienced some sort of minor scratch or car park ding to their car at some stage. Additionally, the extreme temperatures, sand storms and general wear and tear of UAE weather doesn’t really help and paintwork  tends to take a battering. That doesn’t mean it should not be checked out though.

Make sure and check the paintwork is original and an authentic match to the paint under the hood, in the trunk and engine bay. Any new paint ask the owner why as could indicate a repair and/or accident.



Easily one of the most important things you should check on every car is its tires as they are your primary contact point to the road.

First thing you need to ensure is that the tires are legal and the tread depth is at least 5mm.  A bald and heavily worn tire means you could be facing an extremely dangerous tire blowout on the highway. Obvious pointer is that the tires should actually match brand wise too

Finally, check the spare tire –has it been used and it should be present, if not ask why.

Service History


A car with a fully documented franchised dealer service history is inherently more valuable than one without. Ask the seller to show you a documented service history – the most desirable being a service booklet filled with stamps from an official franchised dealer.

Failing that a thick wade of service receipts from all major work at documented service intervals shows a car that an owner has invested in keeping on the road.  If there’s no service history with the car ask the seller why.

What to do next


So you’ve read through all our points above and now wondering how you are ever going to be able to survive in the minefield of buying a used car.

At dubizzle we’re all about empowering you the user to help you get the best possible car and deal in the market. We’ve recently partnered with CarReport to give you comprehensive insights into the history of second-hand cars listed on our platform.

What is CarReport and why did we partner with them? We’d partnered with CarReport to give you guys the most comprehensive insights into the history of second-hand cars listed on our platform.

Through CarReport you can tackle all the points above and as well as  against common problems such as mileage rollback. Mileage rollback is a common problem on used cars in the UAE and you can protect yourself against this with CarReport – it will compare the mileage on the vehicle, reported by the report buyer, against the average mileage for the particular vehicle. Buyers should not rush into buying cars with extremely low mileage compared to the average, instead some standard questions such as “Why is the mileage so low on this vehicle” can go a long way to avoiding being a victim of such a scheme.

Same thing for accidents.

If a car sustains damage in an accident, its value drops permanently. This is true even with minor damage and even if you repair it.  Vehicles lost an average 33 percent of their value after an accident, according to the ABC News article “Been in a Car Wreck?”

How do you get a CarReport?:

To generate a Car Report for any of the cars you are viewing on dubizzle simply click on the “Get a Car Report” button in the ad itself.


Then follow the instructions on the CarReport form:


Now you can sit back from the comfort of your own home and empower yourself with the history of your potential next new ride.

Looking for the best deal for your next car? Check out dubizzle’s motors section.

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